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January / February 2020 Newsletter


What an eventful year 2019 was! We crowned a new CAMS Victorian Formula Vee State Champion and saw what will have to go down in history as the closest finish ever between Reef McCarthy and Davin Field. 

This edition of the FVAV newsletter is huge:

  • President's welcome
  • 2020 Committee
  • Presentation Dinner & AGM
  • VSCRC Awards
  • Motorsport Australia Awards
  • Round 1 preview
  • Technical updates
  • Other Club News
President's welcome

Hi everybody and welcome the Formula Vee Association of Victoria 2020.

A special welcome to our new members into the category Steven Devries, Gavin Hendrick, Winston Smith, Isaac Woodhouse, John Cassimaty and David Stuart. You have joined a great club, and we look forward to seeing you out there soon. 

With 19 entries for the first round at Sandown, it’s shaping up to be another great year with a fantastic lineup. For me, 2019 ended on a high with the Island Magic presenting some of the best racing ever; not many categories that can claim the top seven (7) finishing within six (6) tenths.

To the outgoing committee members, thank you for all the work in 2019 and in particular our president of three (3) years, Nicholas Jones. Going into this year, we are in a great position, and I hope that we can continue with the great work.

We have a big year planned with our usual six (6) rounds following the VSCRC series as well as the Island Magic in November. Additionally, we will be hosting the National Challenge at the Island in September and while I haven’t yet had the opportunity to attend one yet I’ve only heard good things. This is sure to be one of the highlights this year.

From a committee perspective, while racing is still a top priority, building the club is still on the agenda, and we will continue with the good work over the last couple of years. Having 20+ race cars on the track is not only good for the category, it’s also more fun which to me is the whole point. Another technical day is in planning, and we are also looking to introduce some more social events. That said, we are always welcome to ideas so please feel free to reach out and share be it good or bad, ultimately it comes down to building a great club.

Good luck to all competitors this year, I wish you all a safe and competitive season, and I look forward to seeing you all soon at Sandown.

Nicholas Kerr
President 2020

2020 Committee

The 2020 Committee was elected at the AGM. This year we have Nicholas Kerr stepping up as President.

The Committee remains largely unchanged with Kim Bennett and Brett Burden staying on as Secretary and Treasurer respectively; along with the General Committee of Davin Field, Michelle Goodall and Ashley Clifford. 

We would like to thank Nicholas Jones for his efforts as President over the past 3 years.

Thank-you to the 2019 Committee for all their efforts!

Presentation Dinner & AGM

Once again, a very big thank-you to everyone that attended the 2019 FVAV Presentation Dinner and Annual General Meeting held on Saturday 7th December 2019. We hope a good night was had by all.

For those of you that didn't attend the award winners are listed below.

Presentation of Club Awards

  • 2019 FVAV Best Presented Car                          Ken Filbey (absent)
  • 2019 FVAV Rookie of the Year                            Francois Habib
  • 2019 FVAV 'Vaughen Colenso' Young Gun       Adam Slattery Jnr (absent)
  • 2020 Honorary Member                                     Steven Devries

Presentation of 2019 Club Novelty Awards

  • Speedhump Award                                              Mick Fisher
  • Engine Blow Up Award                                        Shane Purvis (absent)
  • Commentator's Choice Award                           Davin Field & Reef McCarthy
  • Frequent Flyer Award                                          Ken Filbey
  • Perfect Park Award                                              Francois Habib

Presentation of 2019 FVAV Club Championship Awards

  • 2019 FVAV Club Championship - 1st place      Heath Collinson
  • 2019 FVAV Club Championship - 2nd place    Nicholas Jones
  • 2019 FVAV Club Championship - 3rd place     Jake Rowe

The FVAV Committee would like to thank the sponsors of the event:

VSCRC Awards

Friday 1st February 2020 saw a number of Committee Members attend the VSCRC Awards held at the Manningham Club in support of our 2019 CAMS Victorian State Circuit Championship placegetters.

A very big congratulations to Jake Rowe and Nicholas Jones on receiving their trophies at the event. 

Motorsport Australia Awards

Friday 8th February saw a number of FVAV members and families attended the 2019 Motorsport Australia Victorian Motorsport State Awards at Showtime Events, South Wharf.

A very big congratulations to the 2019 Formula Vee Champion Jake Rowe on receiving his award!

For those of you that didn't attend, his speech was moving. 

Images courtesy of Look Out Media
2020 FVAV National Blind Suppliers Club Championship Round 1 | Sandown
Round 1 Preview

The FVAV is proud to have the support of National Blind Suppliers as the Round 1 sponsor! 

As part of their sponsorship, National Blind Suppliers is giving away prize money!

  • 1st - $200
  • 2nd - $150
  • 3rd - $100

The FVAV would like to take the opportunity to thank Francois Habib and National Blinds Suppliers for their generosity to help make our motor racing more affordable!

The entry list for 2020 FVAV National Blind Suppliers Club Championship Round 1 is as below:

At Document Check, please show your Confirmation of Membership email received from Kim. Michelle will be handing out membership cards and sponsors decals on Saturday morning before qualifyingPlease note, the decals must be displayed on your car at the commencement of qualifying to receive FVAV points.

After negotiation by Michelle with the MG Car Club for a late start, there will be adequate time on Friday morning for the supply and fitment of tyres for those competitors that require.

The Saturday and Sunday schedule is as below:

Technical Updates

As you will all be aware in 2020 Formula Vee will be moving to a Dunlop control tyre.

FVAA have prepared a set-up document to assist you in setting up your car to the Dunlop CR82 (cross-ply tyre).

It is important to know how the cross-ply works as opposed a radial tyre (previous Yokohama control tyre), this knowledge is needed to assist in the new set up of the car and what to expect when racing on it!

Tyre Set-Up Document

There is a one (1) year sunset clause with the Yokohama AD08 Advan tyre; if you choose to continue running the Yokohama AD08R tyres please note they will not be eligible for competition after 31st December 2020.

Traction Tyres still have Yokohama tyres in stock. These can be purchased through Traction Tyres for the reduced cost of $595 inc GST. If you wish to purchase a set, you can pre-order them and they will be in the Traction truck on Thursday for delivery to Sandown on Friday.

NOTE: You can use both the Dunlop and the Yokohama. 

i.e.) Dry conditions the Dunlop and wet conditions the Yokohama.

Traction Tyres 

A: 65 Kelletts Road, ROWVILLE

P: 03) 9764 2811

Summary of Changes to the 2020 Motorsport Australia Manual of Motorsport 

  • Racing weight reduced to 500kg for 1600cc
  • Maximum width:
    • At front wheels: 
      • reduced to a maximum of 1585mm (Dunlop)
      • 1625mm maximum (Yokohama)
    • At rear wheels: 
      • reduced to a maximum of 1610mm (Dunlop)
      • 1635mm maximum (Yokohama)
  • Minimum ride height:
    • increased to 40mm off the ground (Dunlop)
    • 35mm off the ground (Yokohama)
Other Club News
New Members

The FVAV would like to welcome our new and returning FVAV members for 2020 including:

  • Steven Devries (Honorary)
  • Gavin Hendrick
  • Winston Smith
  • Isaac Woodhouse
  • John Cassimaty
  • David Stuart
Images courtesy of Revved Photography

Congratulations Francois!

As many of you will know Formula Vee newcomer Francois Habib is always busy at race meetings juggling his ex-Tasman Motorsport V8 Supercar in the Sports Sedans, along with his Formula Vee.

At the Presentation Dinner in December, Francois was awarded the 2019 FVAV Rookie of the year. 

To sum up a fantastic year for Francois, he also ended up finishing 2nd in the 2019 CAMS Victorian State Circuit Racing Sports Sedan Championship and 2nd in the Victorian Sports Sedan Championship. Congratulations Francois! 👏

If you have any special news for the next newsletter, please email it through to

See you all at Round 1 this weekend!
Any questions, please do not hesitate in calling or emailing me.

Kind Regards,

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