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I’m Blown Away—and Humbled—by These Reviews

Today is release day for the first book (Lady Mary's Dangerous Encounter) in my new Beresford Adventure series for Dragonblade’s Legends line, and I can’t remember when readers have been as enthusiastic over one of my books in my 23-year career as a published writer. Here’s what some of the early reviewers have had to say:

It is absolutely one of the best books I have read this year.--Nanna

The perfect book—AnnMarie Spiby

Wow, just Wow !! This is the first story in the new series " The Beresford Adventures." If all the books are as wonderful of this one. I can't wait for book two.—Nanna

Adventure + Suspense + Romance = a trifecta--Jean Hanson

Ms. Bolen has written a unique and entertaining story. It's far from the glittering ballrooms of the ton.—Debra Martin 

This is the first book in a new series and I will definitely be reading any more that are to come.—Petula

This story has it all: mystery, spies, assassins, adventure, intrigue, and romance. Well-defined characters, plot, imagery, great world building, and detailed.—Tina Ullrich

A solid romance with a satisfying HEA, alongside an almost gothic literary style that is rarely found in romances.—Viper Spaulding

You can read a short excerpt from Lady Mary’s Dangerous Encounter here.

This is the plot summary:

Lord Stephen Stanhope, a duke’s diplomat son who’s traveling to the Congress of Vienna, agrees to protect his friend’s wayward sister on Stephen’s journey to Austria. Lady Mary Beresford has impetuously set off on her own for Vienna. Vexed with the headstrong woman he’s yet to meet, Stephen despairs of ever catching up with the maddening lady. They eventually meet at an inn in the Alps, where the guests’ progress has been impeded by two matters: a blizzard—and Lady Mary’s refusal to leave until she’s found an elderly fellow traveler who has disappeared.

Mary’s infuriated that everyone at the inn is in a conspiracy to deny the woman ever existed and to imply Mary invented her. Just when every person at the inn is against her, the handsome Lord Stephen arrives and becomes her champion.

Stephen doesn’t tell her he’s been sent by her brother, nor does he actually believe her preposterous story. Until there’s an attempt on her life. . .

The book, available only at Amazon, is FREE on Kindle Unlimited. Get it here.

Get print book here.

Beresford Adventures Book 2 Available for Preorder

You can also preorder the second book in the series (My Lord Protector) at Amazon for the preorder price of just $.99.

The Beresford family (pronounced Bare-is-ferd) was introduced in my lighthearted Brazen Brides book, Oh, What a (Wedding) Night, which is temporarily reduced to just $.99 to commemorate the launch of the Beresford Adventures.

A brief summary of My Lord Protector:

London’s most sought-after bachelor, the Earl of Devere, has never met the woman with whom he wants to be shackled, but he becomes obsessed with his sister’s companion, the quiet Caroline Rutherford, a woman of mystery.

To reveal her mysterious past—even to Devere, the man she’s falling in love with—could mean death to Caroline.

The third book, With a Little Help from My Lord, comes out later this year.

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Parting Shots

To celebrate my milestone birthday this summer, oldest son decided the whole family needed to take a trip to Seattle—and get out of the hot, humid Texas Gulf Coast. Washington state and Seattle were wonderful, BUT they experienced the hottest-ever temperatures when we were there!

The photo at left is taken of our family atop Seattle’s Space Needle. Below we are watching the sun set from the rooftop of our Seattle Hotel

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