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Caitlyn Lynch, Author

I've got some cracking goodies for you this week!

Nothing new from me at the moment (sadly) though I've got quite a number of projects I'm working on. Of course, you can always check out my whole backlist at my Amazon Author page...all of my books are available in Kindle Unlimited at the present time, though that will be changing shortly as I want to go Wide (not Amazon exclusive) on a few titles. So if you're a KU subscriber, make sure you check them out soon!

I'm excited to be taking part in the Blog Tour celebrating the release of Christina McKnight's wonderful new Regency romance, The Mistress Enchants Her Marquis!

Stop by my blog on Monday 20th February to take part in the celebration... I'll be reviewing the book and there's an opportunity to win one of 5 paperback copies of The Thief Steals Her Earl, the first in the Craven House series. 

The Mistress Enchants Her Marquis is available now for pre-order, to be released on February 21st, and to celebrate the release, The Thief Steals Her Earl is on sale for 99 cents for a limited time! 

The Mistress Enchants Her Marquis
The Thief Steals Her Earl

I think I might have a problem...

I might have fallen in love with Sid, the protagonist of Amber Burns' Overhaul. MC (motorcycle club) romance has never been a thing I was particularly interested in, but Amber sent me a copy of the book and OH. SID. He was just ADORABLE.

If a tattooed, bearded, scarred ex-soldier motorbike rider can be adorable, anyway... I have no idea how Amber managed it, but she did. 

After the incident in Iraq I found myself at the end of my rope, contemplating the taste of my 9mm. That's when he found me; they found me. The Boneyard Brotherhood took me in, gave me purpose. My life became about my bike, my brothers, my freedom. But there was still something missing; something I needed but couldn't put my finger on. That something came walkin' in the door of our club, wantin' to serve papers to Teddy, the man who brought me to the Brotherhood. She was meek, conservative, shy. What she didn't know was that she was also going to be mine. Once I laid eyes on Madi I knew I had to have her, her curves, her subdued smile, the way her face flushed when I called her Sweetcheeks. But before I could make her mine, I had to convince her to look past the tough tattooed biker image she was afraid of and find the real me.

Overhaul is just 99 cents on Amazon and for a limited time comes with a FREE bonus of Inked Passions!

Or if you tastes run a little bit hotter...

I've got a BDSM recommendation for you. Following on from USA Today bestselling author Christine Mandara's Pony Tales comes The Velvet Chair, another of her amazing BDSM works.

My name is Mark Matthews. I own half of London, and the part I don't own, I'm working on. Life was all going swimmingly well until Michael Redcliff entered my life, demanding that I marry his daughter. Actually, swap demand for blackmail. He's got goods on me that I want no one else to see, so for the time being I need to be his little lapdog. I'll marry his daughter. I'll give him all the status, money and power he can handle... for as long as it takes me to get a divorce.

You see, I can't renege on our little arrangement - but she can. I give her a week. One week and she'll be screaming the place down for her legal counsel.

I am never wrong.

Grab The Velvet Chair on Amazon now!

Book of the Week

I've read a couple of absolute stinkers this week. Sometimes I just seem to get afflicted with them. If you ever wonder just how sharp my tongue can get, well, you can always check out some of my one or two star reviews on my website. At least one of those went viral on Tumblr. (I was VERY angry O.O)

But this is a segment for books I DO love, and I did find one of those this week. Kindred Spirits; The Healers by Rory Church is that rarity among books, one with a Native American heroine who isn't fetishized or inflicted with a 'white saviour' hero. On the contrary, the story was well researched and respectful of native culture, while also telling the story of a believable romance in a suspenseful plot. That's quite a feat and I was duly impressed. 

You can read my full review here, or check out the book on Amazon now!

(note that my review may not show on Amazon yet as it is placed through the site Reader's Favorite, for whom I am a preferred reviewer)

And now here's the BIG news for the week... want 42 free books? Check out genreCrave's February Freebies!

February Freebies

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