Road Safety Week on NBC

The line of fatal accidents and serious injuries on our roads are not cutting off.

Therefore the NBC moderator Jasko Rust and ATA International Medical Advisor  Fabian Martens are in an interview series about Road Safety, First Aid and Emergency Assistance.

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With nearly 300 fatal injuries in 2018, the NBC Radio decided to make the topic "Road Safety" to their topic of the week.

For the "topic of the week", the NBC invites experts to their radio show on a regular base. The morning show team at the "Frühaufsteher" invited our Medical Advisor and expert for Emergency Medical Care, Fabian Martens for this series of interviews.

He will be on air at the NBC every morning at 6h30am of the coming week.

Topics of the interview series

Everyday a new topic will be discussed at the Morning show. The topics are:

  • Monday: "Actual Situation in Namibia"
  • Tuesday: "Clarification and effective counter-measures"
  • Wednesday: "Problems at the accident scene"
  • Thursday: "First Aid"
  • Friday: "Lookout"

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