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Up your kitchen game


It’s us, the cookie people again. If you’re thinking that this is becoming a regular thing, we’re afraid you’re right. We have decided to ping you every Sunday and tell you interesting things from the world of the kitchen and food.

We don’t have a fixed pattern in mind, but we plan to keep things interesting. You can thank us later for what we’re gonna share today.

For the past 2 months, all of us have cooked 3 meals a day, 7 days a week. That’s a lot of food and a lot of time in the kitchen. 

And cooking itself might be therapeutic but chopping veggies and washing utensils aren’t. So the lazy in me insists that there must be some ways to make these tasks easier.

As Pareto uncle taught us, I was looking for that 20% of the things which will improve 80% of my workflow in the kitchen

So here we are telling you 4 practices, which if followed in a home kitchen, rather any kitchen, would take your experience from Nay to Yay in no time!

1. Own a Chef’s Knife - You might have seen chefs rocking this knife back and forth on their chopping boards. And if you've ever wondered how they're able to do it so fast, well its half practice, and half the knife itself. 

    We chop chocolate with a Chef’s knife in the Dohful kitchen every day. You might have seen us doing the same in our recipe videos on Youtube.

    But ever since the lockdown happened we realized how much we missed having it in our home kitchen too. Upping your knife game will make you love your time in the kitchen. And read here in depth why we're recommending the chef's knife so much. 

    2. The secret to even cooking - Cook in the heaviest bottom pan you have. Thick bottom pans distribute heat better, giving you more control of the heat inside the pan. Whether you’re stir-frying veggies or making the perfect steamed rice, you need to control the heat.

    And haven't we been using thick cast iron tawa for our Dosas since forever?

    Yes, heat is the secret that only chefs and grannies know about. Shhhh...don’t tell anyone!

    3. Get an oven mitt, TML. - Everyone knows an oven mitt is handy while putting things in and out of the oven. But the real hack is, buy an oven mitt even if you don’t have an oven.

    Because who has the time to look for the kitchen cloth all the time! An Oven mitt is really convenient and can be grabbed quickly when dealing with hot utensils. Trust me, you will never go back to the kitchen cloth again! 

    These are true lifesavers in our Dohful kitchen. 

    4. Mise en place - This is a fancy French way of saying - have everything in place before you start cooking. 

    Chop your veggies, arrange your pots and tools, and have your spices ready to go before you switch on the gas. This is usually skipped owing to time crunch, but in reality, this practice makes the cooking process so much more manageable and quick.

    I’ll in fact go one step further and say have your meals planned out for the week. It’s a big load off when you actually know what you have to cook.

    If you do happen to adopt any of these or if you have any other pro tips, do write to us and maybe you'll feature in our next email! 

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