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GFB's October Update

This year had been turbulent for us all. Here is what GFB have been getting on with during lockdown and what exciting news we having coming!

Product Updates

All of GFB’s off the shelf products have been updated with our new branding. In addition, all our off the shelf 360 tools have been fully optimised to work across all device platforms to make providing feedback as accessible and simple as possible. Our tools will automatically adapt based on the display size of the device to provide the best possible layout.

We are also reviewing and updating our user interface for all of our hosted assessments and surveys to ensure they are clean and user friendly, ensuring the best candidate experience.

Device and user experience updates will also be available to any new bespoke tools we build for clients!

Looking at our Current Climate and Finding the Positives

Whilst we try to understand what will be the new environment for the foreseeable future, is this an opportunity to remember and revisit what is truly important?

Keeping your Sanity While Working from Home

I never did work in an office... I’ve always worked from my dining room table. This was always life and I can’t remember a time before lock-down.

Keep your eyes peeled for GFB's new website

Launching Monday 2nd November 2020

Navigating the Storm: New Ways of Working
An opportunity to explore the ongoing challenges, experiences and learnings from the pandemic with fellow HR professional, hosted by our lead consultant Miriam Luke.
2020/11/06 14:00
2020/11/06 16:00
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