Rick Griffin.

In the future, I'm planning on doing more drugs (scenes).

Let me explain, my comic is set in the 1970s. There were lots of acid trips. So far, I haven't gone down that road with any of my characters, not Calvin, not Angelina. Certainly, I never explored serious LSD trips with any of my bikers, The Banshees. Since there's going to be more story coming to Patreon and Kickstarter later this year, I think I should consider some style choices...

... no better place to explore a 'trippy' or psychedelic place of mind than starting with Rick Griffin. My 1974 published date History of Underground Comics says about him:

"much of it has a mystical quality... ... [with] such cryptic comments as 'Black is the coloure, none is the number.' Enthusiasm for his work started in the San Francisco-Berkeley area and quietly spread along the West Coast --and beyond."


I think the key thing here is his razor-sharp control of line, the wiggly tailed drops that radiate everywhere, shaped like, uh sperm? (it's all sexual after all). Anyway, hats off to this style from almost 50 years ago. Plan on seeing some of Banshees MC undergoing 'tripping' this year.

Have a great weekend!

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