August 1, 2019
Summer is still ON, and so are our Kids!

Out of ideas of how to entertain them?
There is still time to do many things inside or outside the house, and to enjoy the rest of the summer! Many activities to be involved in! 

Here are some suggestions:

Idea 1
Organize a quick yard/ pool party with WATER GUNS!

Perfect for a hot and sunny day, and to keep everybody excited. Super quick turn around digital invitations, ready to be sent by email or text. Plus all you may need to have a perfect celebration!

Find more Party Themes here

Idea 2
Play Target Shooting!

There are a lot of fun TARGETS ready to print and use at home. Perfect to play darts alone, with your best friend, or with the whole gang. Colorful ones and technical ones. For kids of every age, and also for adults: Print them and practice your laser aim or take them to the shooting range. Check them out!

Idea 3
Have fun Coloring Mandalas or Adorable Sayings

Outside or inside the house, coloring is always one of the best activities ever! Have fun choosing colors and keeping the color strokes inside the lines, while talking to your kids, peers; or shake out your stress having a great moment on your own! Look them out!

Idea 4
Make a Cool Box or Gift!

Print, cut, and make a cool gift or a creative box for the next holiday or celebration. Think about which holiday is coming up and make something creative for yourself or to give away!

Check out how many things you can make!

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