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Her Alien Rebel (Salvaged Hearts Book 2)

He’s Deadly. He’s Ambitious. He’s the Enemy.

And he’s made conquering me his goal.

A man is the last thing I need in my life, even an intense alien cyborg who sweeps in to help me in a fight. Blue skin, muscles to die for, steely gaze — it doesn’t matter. I don’t want the complications.

As the security officer on the Ladies’ Choice, I fight my own battles. I shouldn’t be inviting more trouble in, even if Trouble is a badass with a rock-hard six pack, sexy scars, and a tail that does amazing things to me.

Okay, Mykor is tempting. Enough that I consider making an exception for him. Everything about him fits me perfectly… until I discover his implants are forcing him into a mission and will kill him if he fails. A mission to kill a member of my crew.

I won't let him succeed. I can’t let him fail. And Mykor cannot step aside. Somehow, we have to find another option. The only thing we can think of is stupid, risky, and our best hope is that it’s so crazy no one will see it coming.

But if it works, we’ll be together. Forever.

Her Alien Rebel is book two of the Salvaged Hearts Series. Each book is a complete science fiction romance story with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a happy ending guaranteed.

Fae Exiled: A Faerie Fantasy Romance (The Fae Queen's Knights Book 1)

“On the eve of my coronation, my throne was stolen from me.”

I, Aria, was destined to ascend to the Starlight Court throne on the thirtieth anniversary of my parents' death. A prophecy was made that I alone should become Queen when the time was right. Too bad that the scheming members of the Court had other plans.

My devious half-brother and his followers stripped me of my powers and banished me from the Starlight Court. Now, exiled and alone, I must discover what the oracle truly meant, find my fated knights, and reclaim my rightful place as ruler of the kingdom.

FAE EXILED is a slow-burn reverse harem faerie fantasy romance where the harem grows as the story progresses, and our heroine doesn’t have to choose between her men! This story contains violence and sexual situations that may be triggering for some readers. Fae Exiled is a New Adult Fantasy Romance for ages 17+. (Book 1 of 3.) Why choose?

Fated Despite the Moon (Wolf River Book 6)

The humans may have nothing in common – but that doesn’t bother their wolves one bit.

Makayla Devamar is in denial about the stupid one-night stand mistake resulting in her getting pregnant. But when she sneaks in the house one morning to find her bags packed, and her mom waiting with an ultimatum—go to Wolf River, Idaho to be mated to the son of the Alpha, or turn over her credit cards and cell phone and make her own way alone— she has no choice but to face the disaster she's made of her life.

Caleb Reed keeps to the solitude of his half-finished cabin and stuffs down the pain caused by his girlfriend’s death years prior by too much work and too little socializing. But when he's approached by his father to take on Makayla as his mate and be a father to her baby, Caleb agrees.

As Caleb and Makayla learn the ins and outs of cohabitation, sparks of attraction arise along with the pains of their pasts. And they may just find the healing they need, and the happy future they both crave- if they can just find some common ground.

BEWARE: This book contains an Alpha male who is used to doing things his way, and a mate who is used to getting what she wants!

For Fans of Steamy Shifter Romances, and authors Milly Taiden, Belle Andre, Kelley Armstrong.

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