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Share a Coffee

Happy Friday!

Welcome to Issue #30 of Share a Coffee! Today we'll be sharing a coffee with Sam Tefera!

Sam Tefera - @tefenomics1

Sam is a no-code maker based in London. Since quitting his corporate job earlier this year, he founded Metix, which is an online debating platform that he is currently building in public. 

After stumbling across a Twitter post by James Abayomi, he discovered No Code and the #100daysofNoCode challenge that is run by Max Haining. He signed up for the challenge that day and has been experimenting and tinkering with a whole host of no-code tools ever since. Bubble is emerging as his favorite tool for building.

5 weeks after starting the challenge, Sam started ‘Black Builder’ a newsletter for aspiring BAME founders, who can’t code. Every other week, he looks at one No Code tool, has a Q+A with a fellow maker, and reviews one useful resource. Read the first edition and subscribe here.

Aside from Metix (being built in Bubble), which is nearly ready for launch, Sam has built the following projects in his first 50 days of the challenge:

Follow Sam on Twitter, @tefenomics1 to watch him battle to convert these builds into fully-fledged businesses!

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Sam was nominated by Vidya (Issue #24)

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Kitchener, ON Canada

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