HDPCD (No Java) : Hortonworks Certification

Python Programming HadndsOn Training : Available (Track : Data Scientist)

Pyhton Programming Training with HandsOn : HadoopExam Learning Resources has introduced new training sessions for becoming Data Scientists. Hence, we have launched Python Programming training. This training is available for all and open to public. Already 6 modules are developed and available at below link. You can download the PDFs to get practice.

Link : http://www.python.training4exam.com/

HDPCD (No Java) : Hortonworks Certification : Available ( Track : BigData Developer)

As many of you have requested for Hortonworks Certification Material, our technical team had created new material with 74 Practice Questions with solutions for preparing HDPCD certification is available now. We have also created Video on how to setup Hortonworks Sandbox on your own Laptop/Computer and this video is available for everybody. Check the material now below link.

Cloudera BigData Analyst : CCA159 (Track : Data Scientist)

If you are good in SQL and want to become an expert data analysts for BigData world than this is one of the best certification available. We have launched it with 73 Practice questions. Its relatively easy certification, and also help you to becoming Data Scientist. Check Material Here

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