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Sunday 31st May 2020

Your weekly newsletter from Yeadon Methodist Church

LIVE Sunday Service this morning via Zoom !

If you would like to take part this morning - please email Roger for details on

Update from the Maintenance Team: The repointing contractors have just finished and the remaining patching will be by ourselves over the next few weeks. The roof just awaits the new slates and should be completed this week. 

New notice boards have been fixed inside Chapel Hill entrance and we've cleared the weeds around the building.

Norman, Chris and John.

Good News !

Samantha Price shares some good news: our CAP debt centre has had a client go debt free. How amazing for them!!! It’s not always been an easy process and this client had tried lots of other debt agencies before us so it is extra amazing that we have gotten to this point. I feel like this shows that God really can work miracles.

Keith & Nancy Reed responded to Sam: That is excellent news! The way you work with people helps the miracle to happen. Keep up the good work !


Lockdown humour ..

Birthdays !

Birthday Greetings to Linda Blackburn for tomorrow 1st June, and Mike Hibbert for Tuesday 2nd.

And Edith Pratt would like to thank all friends for the birthday cards, gifts, flowers & phone calls received on her 85th birthday. She had a full day with members of the family calling - albeit keeping their distance !

Jean's Memory Walk

I’ve been trying to keep up with my walking during this lockdown, roughly 3 miles on various routes around Aireborough. This week I decided to do a different one called My memory walk’. 

Up to the age of seven my brother and I lived on Whackhouse Lane and then we moved to Westfield Avenue. At the top of the Westfield estate there was a wood, at the bottom of which was the Leeds/Ilkley railway line. We had lots of fun playing there with friends.

I started my walk from home (Football), down Kirk Lane, turned into Whackhouse Lane and then crossed the A65 at Westfield and walked up Old Whackhouse Lane, adjacent to Westfield Primary School. The present school of course is not a bit like the one we attended but we enjoyed it and the head teacher, Miss Leng, was a bit of a stickler. At the top of the estate a lot of those houses were not there when we were young. There were fields, including a football field. I had to ask where the footpath was. It’s a steep footpath which leads down through the trees to the bridge which crosses the railway line. I turned left and followed the wide track towards Gill Lane, crossed over another bridge to the other side of the track. I timed it well because a train appeared so I took a photo. I walked up Gill Lane, passing Low Hall and made my way home.

It was very hot afternoon, but I did enjoy the walk. It brought back a lot of memories of my childhood.

Jean Richardson

If you've rediscovered a walk in the area during lockdown, let us know !

Georgina Coates
We said farewell to Georgina last Wednesday as her family & friends joined together in the car park at Lane Fox Court. We listened to a Glen Miller number & clapped her on her way to the crematorium. 

In our hearts we remembered her & prayed to God for her safe arrival, to rest in peace with Him.

Eric's North Yorkshire Quiz !

  1. A blackbird’s transport. (9)
  2. Beat this for car repairs. (6)
  3. P.C. Tailor. (9,6)
  4. Not the places to throw stones (11)
  5. So back Kojack with part of a candle. (10)
  6. Can this only be used between Jun 21 and Sept 21? (12)
  7. Senior cleric with a heavy brother. (6,7)
  8. Maybe a grave rag but not a shroud. (8)
  9. A stable. (10)
  10. No airport here but jet is landed. (6)
  11. A parting tool. (5)
  12. Did Polly hear it? (10)
  13. Exercise weight. (7)
  14. Mixed grill in a valley. (9)
  15. Tittering inside the candle. (11)
  16. Whale homes. (13)
  17. Wharves. (8)
  18. Bi-polar chimp. (5)
  19. Smooth a letter. (5)
  20. A restful place with a drink. (6)

(Answers next week !)

And finally ... on E-Bay this week my friend bought a signed photo of Ronnie Barker, and I bought one of Ronnie Corbett, both for 50p .... so it was a good buy for me and a good buy for him.

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