HDPCD: Spark : Hortonworks Spark Developer

Hortonworks Spark Developer Certification is Available(65 Solved Scenarios)

HDPCD : Spark

HadoopExam Learning Resources Technical team had created HDPCD : Spark. Hortonworks Spark Developer certification material with 65 Solved Scenarios. Entire detail you can check here . As many of you have requested, we are in process of adding few more scenarios, hence as soon as it will be completed. Those will be given to you as well.

Tips and Trics for HDPCD :Spark

Tips and Tricks

As we have got the detail about HDPCD:Spark exam. We have added all the required tips and tricks at this link in the form of FAQ .

HDPCD (No Java) : Hortonworks Certification

As many of you have requested for Hortonworks Certification Material, our technical team had created new material with 74 Practice Questions with solutions for preparing HDPCD certification is available now. We have also created Video on how to setup Hortonworks Sandbox on your own Laptop/Computer and this video is available for everybody. Check the material now below link.

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