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Have You Met This Latest Cult Leader?

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Not too long ago, I wrote about how Nutella was the only food having its own cult following. But that's actually not true...there is something else which is catching up to Nutella. And catching up fast. So I thought it's only fair that we also talk about this up and coming cult leader in the world of gourmet food - Biscoff!

Welcome to Dohful's Sunday Letter guys, where we talk to you about the food and baking and kitchen for Millennials.

Biscoff is a light, crisp biscuit not much unlike our very own Parle-G, which is gaining a fan following even as we speak. It is known for its distinct flavor which has a strong hint of caramel and cinnamon.

The first time I had Biscoff was on an Indigo flight. And honestly, I didn't give it a second thought. It was a business trip which meant the flight was booked with the in-flight dining option and it came as a side to my coffee at the time.

But today's Sunday Letter is not about the biscuit itself - rather about the yummy, creamy spread it has evolved itself into. I'm talking about the latest 'Butter' in town - Cookie Butter!

Its a Cookie Butter

For the uninitiated, to understand Cookie Butter (A.K.A Biscoff Spread), think of Peanut Butter or Nutella but made of Biscuits or in this case, Biscoff biscuits! 

It smells and tastes just like cookies and can be spread on your toast, mixed with milk for a quick cookie milkshake, served as a dip with fruits, topped on ice cream, the list is unending.

Personally, my first stint with Cookie Butter was about a year back when I was trying to create a bunch of recipes with Dohful cookies for our blog (those were the days!). And I was trying to make cookie pops which are nothing but crushed cookies bind together into a small ball shape and dipped in melted chocolate.

I think I was being too over-smart, because I didn't follow any recipe for the same, rather I was ball-parking it. Yes, I know, we all learn from our mistakes!

Well, mine led me to a too liquidy paste of the cookies which couldn't be bound into anything how much ever I tried. But it was tasty AF, so we all dipped our spoons in that blender jar and ate the whole thing away without knowing that we had just made our very first batch of cookie butter.

Since then of course, we have made Cookie Butter numerous times in our Dohful kitchen using our own Dohful cookies.

Biscoff, as I read later, launched their cookie spread after it was made by someone in a reality cooking show. And it turns out, that was the best decision of their life.

The Biscoff Cookie Butter was the first nut-free 'butter' on the shelves and people picked it up left, right, and center. Not unlike Nutella, the Biscoff Cookie Butter was scouted by home bakers and bloggers to make recipes out of and it wasn't long before the world had delicacies like Biscoff Cheesecake, Biscoff Blondies, and even the Biscoff Pancakes!

But the most widespread recipe of all was the cookie butter recipe itself.

The time I made my very own cookie butter and subsequently found out about it, I searched for it. I was curious, what the 'original' cookie butter tasted like and if our homemade version was anything like it.

I found it, after moving heavens and earth, because I was looking for it, asking about it in all gourmet stores of South Delhi, finally finding it in INA Market (because you get all things firangi there).

And though it is much more easily available these days, take it from a self-proclaimed cookie queen, that the homemade stuff is much better.

So the next time you order Dohful Cookies, order a bunch extra and then make Cookie Butter out of them. Trust me, your life will never be the same. 

The Dohful Cookie Butter Recipe is super simple - you just have to grind a couple of cookies with some Milk till everything is creamy. Yes, ballparking goes a long way here. Do try!! 

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