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We decided it's time to connect with all of you again via a regular email newsletter. So much has happened in our lives and in the world this year and we want to keep you up to date. That's assuming you'd like that. If not, please feel free to click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of this newsletter.

This has been a pretty great year for us. We're healthier than ever before and we love living here in Avalon (near Glastonbury where we first met 25 years ago). Excitedly, we're just putting the finishing touches on our latest book 'Becoming Super Humans' and have also had a super burst of creativity these past months, as you'll see by all our latest news below.

Wishing you and yours health, happiness & gracious growth as we come towards the end of 2020, a year which we're pretty sure is turning the world out wonderfully.

Soleira & Santari

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What's new?
Our upcoming book

'Becoming Super Humans'

For the past two months we've been co-writing our latest book live in an open Facebook group so others could enjoy the journey with us. Topics include our new intelligence, super powers, genius flow & more. The book will be available on Amazon later this month and we'll send you a newsletter notification when it's all set to go.

Our latest collaboration

'Love Letters from the Future'

This book, now on Amazon, is a collaboration with 12 of our buddies where we've tuned into the future and written love letters from our future selves. It offers hope & excitement for the future we're now moving into. Look inside & order your copy here.

Our upcoming webinar series

The Exhilarators Collective

Exhilarators love life on planet Earth and are able to power up amazing outcomes for themselves, others & the world. Experience the thrill of being an exhilarator in our 8 week webinar series that starts Oct. 26th. Click here for more details.

Soleira's new website

Innovating the Future

As a future innovator, I've created a website for my views and visions on the Future of Work, Intelligence, Learning, Humanity and AI. Coming soon is my vision regarding the Future of Global Governance.

Santari's latest

The Audio Book Project

It's been 3 months since I first had the idea of turning my self-published books into audiobooks. Busy with other projects over the summer, I'm now ready to start recording. I purchased the recording equipment with the support of friends through my GoFundMe page and have set up a Facebook group for people to receive the recordings, which will start mid-October with daily postings on Facebook after that. If you are not already a subscriber but would like to receive further details then please email me at

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Soleira & Santari Green

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