Right now, my feelings don't matter. My feelings don't need to be heard. What matters right now are the voices and stories of Black and POC people.

To my Black and POC friends reading this:

I hear you. I see you. I love you. I support you.

My work is helping passionate, ambitious, purpose-driven online entrepreneurs thrive with SEO and strategic content marketing. SEO is a powerful tool in the long term visibility of your message and impact. 

This month, I’m offering free 90-min consultation sessions for 3 black online entrepreneurs.

I want to do what I can to help lift black voices in the online entrepreneur community, and this is the most impactful way I know how.

If this is something you're interested in, hit reply to this email and let me know. 

To my white friends reading this:

1. Don't DM your black friends or black people you follow asking how you can learn or what you should do. They are grieving, and they have already created those resources for you in the form of pdfs, books, podcasts, youtube videos of talks, blog posts. It's all already there. Don't bother them right now. 

Do a Google search to find anti-racist resources. While Google is far from perfect in regards to bias (more to come on this topic), it's a free resource at your fingertips that doesn't tax the already-depleted energy of the black community right now. 

It's not their job to teach us to be better. We have to do that work ourselves.

2. Not saying anything says more than you think. There is no "I'm just not political" or "stay in your lane, keep business as business". That's not an option right now. It never was, and we're all learning (myself included) that we can't rely on our privilege to stay silent and comfortable. 

Your silence is compliance with the violence of white supremacy, and if you're here, I'm pretty sure that's not what you want. You are passionate and purpose-driven.

If that makes you uncomfortable, that's allowed. I'm hella uncomfortable right now too. But that's part of doing the work to unlearn our internal unconscious biases, the unconscious racism we've all been taught as white people.

Confronting and unlearning will be uncomfortable. We'll survive.

3. I'm pretty much creating a whole damn itinerary for myself to commit to doing the internal work. I hope you're doing the same. 

For the immediate time-being, start with this workshop that Trudi Lebron hosted on Sunday called "Show Up and Serve: A Workshop for White Coaches". The replay is only available until June 5th.

"Remember: white supremacy is not a shark; it is the water."

This is a line from the poem How to Explain White Supremacy to White Supremacists by Kyle “Guante” Tran Myhre. Read the full poem here.

What are you doing to change the water?

Please. Let's all be better, and commit to learning how to be better. 

You'll probably hear from me later this week about business and SEO stuff. I know it feels weird, but in order for me to continue supporting black voices and to donate to organizations making change, I can't shut off my income. 

But whatever I write, it will be aware and mindful, not just "business as usual".

In solidarity,

Claire Paniccia SEO

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Ohio United States

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