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June 29, 2022 - Issue #121

Project News

New Help Videos for Literacy Learners
Fifteen videos for literacy and beginner learners using Avenue can now be accessed in courses via the Courseware Help block. Click here to preview the videos. Literacy, CLB 1 and CLB 2 teachers can add a beginner help block (video-only) by following the instructions in this file. Teachers can contact their the mentor or Live help for assistance..

New PBLA-compatible Modules
Three new PBLA-compatible modules were made available to Avenue teachers in June. The Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks contributed two new modules for blended delivery, Grocery Shopping (CLB 1L-2L) and Getting Around a City (CLB 3-4). The New Language Solutions team developed a module for CLB 5-6, Participating in a Brainstorming and Problem-Solving Meeting. Contact your mentor to request any of these modules. They can be previewed in the PBLA Sample Modules course.

Orientation to Avenue Now Available
The orientation to Avenue resources for LINC 2/3, LINC 4 and LINC 5+ developed by Vancouver Community College are now available. To learn more about these resources visit the Orientation to Avenue preview course or watch the recent webinar delivered by the developers. Teachers can contact their mentor to request the orientation be added to their course.

New Part 1 Learning Technology Leadership Course
A new intake of this six-week course will begin soon. More information is available here.

Partner News

National LINC Online Curriculum – User Testing on Avenue
... If you are a LINC instructor and you’d like to add PBLA-aligned units to your course next semester, the National LINC Online Curriculum Project is pleased to share that more ready-made content will be made available for testing. This year, Achēv is developing LINC online courseware for CLB 3 and CLB 4 ranging between 4-5 hours per unit. All units will be hosted in This August, you will have the opportunity to add the following new units to your courses: ...

Web News

Canada says it will extend ‘super visa’ stays, relax health-insurance restrictions to ease family reunifications
Starting next month, the federal government will extend how long Canadians’ visiting parents and grandparents can stay in this country and allow them to use foreign health insurance during their time here — two long-sought adjustments to this country’s controversial “super visa” program. The changes will come into effect July 4. ...

The Open Secret of Google Search: One of the most-used tools on the internet is not what it used to be.
... Like many, I use Google to answer most of the mundane questions that pop up in my day-to-day life. And yet that first page of search results feels like it’s been surfacing fewer satisfying answers lately. I’m not alone; the frustration has become a persistent meme: that Google Search, what many consider an indispensable tool of modern life, is dead or dying. ...

Immigrant, refugee women in Edmonton share stories with soul in The Shoe Project
.... Heather Inglis, artistic producer of Workshop West Playwrights' Theatre, which runs the Edmonton chapter of the project, said they recruit women for a 10-week writing workshop with an experienced Canadian writer. "In that course, they generate 600-word stories about arrival and adaptation to Canada," Inglis said. ... "We try to find intermediate English learners who are interested in creative writing and participating in a rigorous process of coaching to prepare for the performances," she said. ...

We want to build Canada': Refugees with startup ideas pitch investors at Toronto event
Five newcomers to Canada pitched business ideas to investors on Monday as part of a new mentorship program designed to help startups founded by refugees. The educational program, which connects refugees to investors, is called REinvest and the pitch event was held in downtown Toronto on World Refugee Day. ...

Virtual TA Boosts Student Success at Georgia State University
In a recent study at Georgia State University, students who received timely messages about their coursework from a virtual teaching assistant demonstrated significant improvement in their academic success. Researchers conducted a randomized controlled trial using artificial intelligence chatbot technology from Mainstay (formerly AdmitHub) in an Introduction to Government course to provide students with reminders ...


9 ESL Reading Exercises for More Complete Comprehension
... There are three stages to improving reading comprehension work in the classroom: 1. Before we read 2. While we read 3. After we read Three activities for each stage are suggested below to help students develop in their reading comprehension skills. We can further differentiate the reading stages by considering the nature of the strategies most useful at each stage. Traditionally these are termed “top-down” and “bottom-up” strategies. ...

Extensive Reading for the blended learning class: MReader
Over the past six months, we have been piloting and refining a fully online, extensive reading (ER) program for the Avenue community using the Xreading program. ... Many LINC instructors have shown interest in a blended learning ER solution for students as they are now returning to their centres. In this post, we offer a potential solution and an invitation to a webinar for implementing and facilitating a blended learning ER program using the MReader tool. ...

What Are The Advantages Of Learning Apps For Students Nowadays?
... In the past, students could only get an education in an actual classroom, but mobile learning allowed students to access classrooms via devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Students can access the learning process at any time and from anywhere by downloading assignments and uploading completed homework. Mobile learning is beginning to sweep the world, and education is growing at a rapid pace. While there are many advantages to mobile learning, there are also some disadvantages.

Ten Online Course Structural Components to Support Learning
... There are a variety of instructional strategies and learning activities educators can implement to keep students engaged in the doing of the course. Equally important is the structuring of the course, in which instructors make intentional choices in course design, optimize course layout, standardize due dates, and provide meaningful feedback with grades. ... we have devised ten (plus a bonus!) recommendations for structural components in a digital classroom. ...

What is closed captioning and why is it so useful?
Closed captioning is a service that provides text to accompany video content. This text can be displayed as on-screen subtitles or as an overlay. Closed captioning is used by people who are deaf or hard of hearing, and it can also be useful for people who are learning English as a second language. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of closed captioning and explain why it is such an important tool for businesses and individuals alike. ...

Queering English Language Classrooms
Working with queer English learners requires close attention to their emotions and feelings ... Queer pedagogy does more than “good” instructional strategies and practices in terms of fitting the representation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ+), or queer, people in the curriculum ... In this article, I invite the readers to think with me about how we can do and think differently in queering English language classrooms. ...

Professional Development

New Resource in LearnIT2teach Annotated Bibliography: Evolving Definitions in Digital Learning: A National Framework for Categorizing Commonly Used Terms
Find out about a proposed framework to categorize the many terms and definitions used in digital learning and to bring about consistency in how these are used across Canada. While you’re at it, dip into the Canadian Digital Learning Research Association site to browse the national surveys they have conducted since 2017.

TESL Ontario Webinar July 27: Using Learner Reflection Tools
...  Are you a LINC instructor teaching in an online Adult LINC setting or in a hybrid setting? Are you looking for ways to engage learners in self-reflection? Are you looking for ways to make learner self-reflection more level appropriate online? Our presenter will talk about different tools offered on that can be used to conduct learner reflections, and how you can configure them to ensure they are appropriate for different levels. Also covered will be the advantages and disadvantages of the different tools to be discussed as they will be used for the purposes of learner reflection. ....

7 Tips to Work Smarter in Google Docs
For hundreds of millions of users, Google Docs is in regular if not constant use. Behind it's apparent simplicity—just open it up and start typing—there are numerous features and tools to explore, many of which help you tailor the app to your needs and can improve your productivity and your workflow. We've picked out some of our favorites—and at least some of them should help you do more in less time inside Google Docs. ...


Instructor Support - LINC Home Study Canada
The role of Instructor Support is to contribute to the delivery of the LINC Home Study program by providing front-line support and training to the network of instructors and assisting with various aspects of program administration. ...

English Teachers
English teachers for onsite classes in North Vancouver and online classes from you your own location. Bachelor's degree and TESL training ...

e-Resource Corner

Digital Literacy (NorQuest College)
The Digital Literacy course is designed to develop skills and strategies to improve performance in online courses. Digital literacy involves more than basic access, it involves competence and understanding to use technology effectively and critically. Digital literacy skills and strategies are survival skills for a digital era. Digital literacy increases learner confidence and promotes autonomy when learning in an online environment.


New Language Solutions is based in Ottawa, Ontario. We acknowledge that our head office is on the traditional, unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishnaabeg People. Beyond Ottawa, we have staff working in locations across Canada. New Language Solutions is grateful to have the opportunity to work as a guest in communities and territories across the country, and we honour the stewardship of the many Indigenous peoples who have resided on and cared for these lands since time immemorial.

We make our acknowledgement as a sign of respect for all Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island, past and present. We accept the true impact of the past and the pain suffered by generations of Indigenous Peoples. As an agency that works to support the integration of newcomers into Canadian society and cultures, we express our commitment to support activities that are inclusive of Indigenous Peoples. We resolve to address a history of injustice to First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples.

New Language Solutions Inc.


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