May Newsletter

On The Street

Earlier this month some awesome PHSG volunteers experienced what its like to be homeless by spending a night on the streets. They listened as streeties shared their stories, shivered with them in squats and learnt what it was like to be moved on with no place to go.

This has provided many useful insights into the causes of homelessness, the stigma attached to it and what can be done to help those unfortunate enough to find themselves on the street.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the experiment.

Upcoming Fundraising Events

PHSG Ladies Arvo at the Movies

Sunday 19th May at 3:00pm

We are having a Ladies Arvo at the Backlot private cinema screening "Little", looks absolutely hilarious. 

Doors and Bar open at 3pm.

Click Here for information and tickets.

Long Table Dinner for PHSG

Monday 27th May at 6:30pm

Join us for Canapes and a 2 course long table dinner presented by the team at Emporess Catering. 

Tickets are $75 & limited to 50 people.

To book email

The PHSG Story

We regularly get asked how Perth Homeless Support Group Inc started. It was 5 years ago in the summer of January 2014, Ron Reid and Michael Edwards noticed an ever increasing amount of displaced and homeless people. They would see them on the streets and under bridges looking lost and begging quietly within our city

Ron, being the kind soul that he is, actually took the time to talk to them and listen to their stories, some of which broke his heart. It was then that Ron & Michael decided to make what they considered a small move to do something about it.

Ron set up a group page on Facebook and added a few people he thought might like to be involved in heading to the streets and seeking out those who needed help. He had recognised from talking to many homeless and displaced people that they often won't ask for help for fear of rejection or because of pride.

The membership to the group increased rapidly, with so many people wanting to do what they could to lend a hand and help support and empower the homeless people of Perth. Since then PHSG has grown into an inspirational group of people, volunteering their time and energy, to positively impact the lives of the homeless and displaced and constantly improve on the knowledge of how to effectively reach, move and inspire all involved.

Every week numbers have increased with anywhere from 150 to 200 people, fed, clothed and supported in accessing other services to assist them. Sundays give them the opportunity to receive food, toiletries, a shower, chiropractic care and food for the animals that some have for companionship or medical assistance. But the most important part of our Sundays is social interaction, something many of them lack in their day-to-day lives.

Everything we do at Perth Homeless Support Group Inc is supported by so many people who donate financially, supply fresh food each week, donate clothing and blankets and of course volunteer their time. Without the vital support of our members what we do would not be possible.

We want to thank each and every one of you for the part you play in touching the lives of people who often feel like this world has forgotten them. You are their reminder that they are valued and cared for.

See the need. Make a difference.


Bake Sale Success

Thank you to everyone that contributed to the recent Bake Sale at Bunnings Ellenbrook. Your efforts raised $950 to provide vital care packs to those on the street.

Perth Homeless Support Group Inc

28A Munt St, Bayswater