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e-Newsletter - March 23, 2021

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Skywheels Sales and Deliveries Begin

Spin-up test equipment being installed the week of March 29

Sales and deliveries begin next month for Skywheels rotor blade systems.

The new rotors are being manufactured at Blackhawk Aerospace Composites in Morgantown, Kentucky, from composite material following a time-tested and proven process. The rotor blade chord is 8-inches wide for all 23- to 29-foot lengths and offers two different style tip ends.

Also known as McCutchen Skywheels, after founder Jim McCutchen, the Skywheels brand has a loyal pilot following with over 3,000 blade sets delivered and a performance and safety record dating back to 1985.

According to Skywheels President Joe Covelli, "It's great to be at this point and begin sales and deliveries to customers. Rotor blade performance tests went very well last year."  He added, "Following four months of planning we install next week a new motor, control system, and digital blade balance and track equipment to create a state-of-the-art test stand.  It's one of the last items we have to check off our list."

Spin testing a new rotor blade set to flight RPM is one of the most critical quality checks in the manufacturing process. With the upgrade, the spin test changes from a visual quality check to high-tech digital track and balance equipment. The test stand is also being moved inside Blackhawk's new 21,000 sq. ft. facility for better control and less influence from outdoor conditions during test work.  Each new rotor set arrives at the customer flight-ready. 

Podcast Interview: Blackhawk's Quality Assurance

A recent podcast interview was posted with Blackhawk's Quality Assurance Manager Al Thompson about the company's AS9100 aerospace standard and quality control process.  > Click here to listen to the 15-minute podcast.

Skywheels is an engineered rotor system compromised of two rotor blades, a center section, essential tower height parts, and AN retention hardware. The high-inertia design favors performance, safety, predictability, and forgiveness. Skywheels is designed to exceed Federal Aviation Regulation Part 27 (requirements for normal category rotorcraft).

Rotor Blade Flight Test Videos

Go to > to watch new rotor blade test flight and pilot comment videos.

More Information on Skywheels Rotors

Gyroplane Kit Pricing Update

By far, the most asked question at Air Command is, "When will gyroplane kit pricing be announced?"  "There has been tremendous interest in our gyroplane models, and 2021 is the year we bring Air Command back on the market for new kit sales", according to Company President Joe Covelli.

"Our priority the past 18-months has been to complete the restart of Skywheels rotor blade manufacturing, center section part drawings, flight testing, and a major upgrade to the rotor blade spin-up test stand  (refer to the related story above). We purposely held-off on selling new gyroplane kits until we had the Skywheels rotor blades to go with them. Air Command and Skywheels have such a great performance history when paired together."

Design engineering time is now fully dedicated to completing the remaining gyroplane part drawings. The company will introduce some upgrades and options to the new single-seat kit model being rolled out soon. The new kit design includes over 1,800 individual parts, including every nut, bolt, and washer. Covelli shared, "We've recently handed off a majority of completed part drawings to Blackhawk Aerospace for pricing the single-seat kit. Once that is done, we'll share kit pricing and options and begin to accept preorders."

If you would like to be notified of new gyroplane kit pricing, complete the "Email us" form at Air Command's contact us webpage. > Click here to reach the email us contact form.

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An Introduction to Gyropedia Flight Training

Newest podcast interview

> Click here to listen now.

Phil Harwood is chairman of the International Association of Professional Gyroplane Training, which produces an online training program called Gyropedia.

It was recently announced Gyropedia was selected by Air Command as its primary flight training program. According to podcast host, Joe Covelli, "The foundation of a great instructional program is its curriculum".

Since 2013, Gyropedia logged into its system over 72,000 gyroplane flight hours. The flight training instructional program began as a worldwide standardization to lower gyroplane insurance costs.

As Air Command brings its rotorcraft models back into production later this year, it is essential to use the best training resources to benefit both instructors and student pilots alike. A stable performing gyroplane is only as safe as the pilots who fly them.

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Skywheels Assembly Video Illustration

"Plug and Play" assembly made easy

The Skywheels rotor blade system is the easiest gyroplane rotor setup you will ever assemble. The center section (hub bar) is a stress-free "plug and play" design. Insert each rotor blade in its respective A or B pocket, drop in the blade retention hardware, and you are ready to go flying. Stringing a kite line tip-to-tip to check the chord alignment is not required but optional.

Featured Product: Rotor Blade Tie-Down "Open Loop" Collar

New product! Special introductory price

Check out our new Skywheels rotor blade tie-down "open loop" collar. It's simple to use and lightweight to carry on-board the rotorcraft.

Open the collar loop and slide it onto one rotor blade. Then, attach the customer supplied rope or guyline to both the collar D-ring and the gyroplane airframe to secure the entire blade system from unnecessary spinning while parked or in the event of an off-airport landing.

We also make available a "kit" that includes the collar and tie-down supplies already attached and ready for use.

Order from the Air Command online company store. 

The sale price ends April 15, 2021.  

Rotor Blade Tie-Down Collar


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Rotor Blade Tie-Down "Kit"


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