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BIG BIG BOOK NEWS! All five Ashford bears have been bundled up into a smexy-looking collection! If you have already read these wild guys, would you be so kind as to leave a review? <3

MORE! Savage Claim is now an audiobook! The Audible gods have blessed us with a short waiting period once again! Huzzah!

Side note: Anyone else watching The Great on Hulu? 


Growly, grumpy cowbears don’t stand a chance against their fated mates.

Saddle up with the bears of the Ashford clan in this complete series set. Snarling, tortured cowboys find their match in their feisty mates, with loads of kick-butt action and swoon-worthy romance.

Wrangled Fate
Tansey is on the hunt for her missing brother and the gorgeous cowboy on Black Claw Ranch holds the answers. Ethan’s shifter instincts warn him Tansey’s a terrible danger--and not just because his bear is roaring to get more of her honeyed scent.

Spurred Fate
City-girl Joss Warren has never met a man as rugged as Hunter Shaw. Joss is sure his sultry gaze promises wicked pleasure. But Hunter hides a dangerous side and Joss can't risk her fragile heart.

Breaking Fate
Sloan Kent believes in justice, for all. But when she's assigned to a new, shifter-run, Supernatural Enforcement Agency squad, she's suddenly regretting being open minded. Small town drama runs wild in Bearden and she doesn't want any part of it. She's just there to do her job… until she meets Lorne Bennett, that is.

Wild Fate
Liv has spent years putting the past behind her. After her boyfriend suddenly disappeared, she swore off love forever. Alex is in a battle with his bear and his heart. Face to face once again, nothing is the same. But with enemies closing in, he’ll do anything to keep Liv safe.

Bucking Fate
Her kidnapper will kill to keep her. So will her mate. When the enemy tracks Nora to the small shifter town Bearden, sexy cowbear Jesse will salt the earth with enemy blood to protect his fated mate.


Now in audio!

Blood on the claws. Love on the run. Like crazy father, like darkness bound son.

Lion shifter Lindley denied his power and fled his dysfunctional pride to save his life. After a decade trying to escape the hell in his soul, he runs into the woman he loved and abandoned.

Runs, literally… as in with his truck.

His instinct is to chase her away, but if he doesn't save his fated mate, he'll be forever lost to encroaching madness.

Kyla is on the run. Her best friend was just sold to the highest bidder, and she's up next. But fate flings her into the path of the man she loved—and who left her to suffer.

He's not the boy Kyla remembers, but the man stakes a savage claim.

Lindley must put aside fear of his inner darkness and forge his aggression into a deadly weapon. Kyla must blossom from an awkward cub into a graceful lioness, and learn to raise her roar and her claws. If either of them falters, the consequence is not just broken hearts, but broken lives.

Savage Claim, Lion Hearts Book 2, is a steamy paranormal lion shifter romance. For readers who crave a fractured but honorable hero, a woman in peril, and a second chance for fated mates to find love.

Listen now because you love a gritty battle for the heart with broken but protective alpha males.


Now on preorder!

New from friends!

Immortal Dragons: Books 4-6 + Epilogue (Immortal Dragons Paranormal Romance Box Set Book 2)

Continue the saga of the six immortal dragon siblings as they search out their true loves and hunt for ways to vanquish their enemy once and for all.

Fate continues to torment its so-called "favorite" offspring by dictating who they are to mate. It teases them with prophetic dreams of lovers they must go out of their way to find or risk an eternity of loneliness.

Each Immortal Dragon sibling has his or her own path to travel, but their ancient enemy is on the warpath and won't stop until she's destroyed them and claimed their immortality as her own. They must traverse the world and all the higher realms to beat her. From insane nymphs to ancient satyrs, from fertility-focused bear shifters to Dionysus himself, the dragons know they can't succeed without finding the mates Fate intended. But when they do, their enemy won't know what hit her.

Books included in the collection:
Dragon Rebel (Book 4)
Dragon Guardian (Book 5)
Dragon Blessed (Book 5.5)
Dragon Equinox (Book 6)
Dragon Avenged (Immortal Dragons Epilogue)

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Touch of Hell: A Five Orders Novel

They might survive this, if they don't kill each other first.

It’s hell on earth now, and these two childhood enemies have to work together to clean up the streets.

Krystan put down the party shots and picked up a bat when the nightmares came out to play. Being part psychopath has never been so advantageous than in the aftermath of a hell dimension opening up.

Travis has always been a loser, but at least he has a purpose now. Running jobs with Krystan is satisfying, even if they sometimes accidentally burn down a client’s house while trying to exorcise the demons.

When a mass of strange suicides crop up, Krystan and Travis will have to track down the dark entity responsible.

All while taking care of two kids who showed up on their doorstep, fighting an impending eviction, and trying not to kill each other in the process.

How could things get any worse?

Krystan is hiding the fact she’s knocked up with Travis’s baby from their one night stand.

From the world of The Five Orders, Touch of Hell is a paranormal romance perfect for fans of Jessica Jones, Supernatural, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Download now for a ride so hot you won't be able to put it down until it's done!


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