I've got a big, fat question for you on this fine Tuesday morning:

If you were starting your organization today, from scratch, what would it look like?

Would your original mission still be relevant or would it change? Would you be doing all of the same things? Serving the same people? 


How would you organize the work? Would you keep all of your programs? Would your processes be different? Would you need the same staffing structure? 

Realistically, an organizational do-over is not in your future. But, thinking about what you would do if you could start over is a helpful exercise. Contemplating how you would set things up - knowing what you know now - helps identify hidden time wasters, archaic processes, and bureaucratic quick sand. 

Do you really need 4 signatures on that?

12 board meetings. Really?

Are 13 committees actually accomplishing anything?

Is that event still the best way to reach the most people? 

Can you truly afford to not have a communications person on your team?

And on. And on.

Starting over, if only in your mind, could mean finding ways to let go of old structures and processes that get in your way today. And take a hard pass on programs and events that aren't directly serving your mission. 

If you were creating things from Day 1, what would you do? Become your own "outside consultant" and take a look at your nonprofit with new eyes.

And, hey, if you wouldn't change a thing - kudos to you and...

...Keep Up the Good Work,


P.S. Sunday was John Lennon's birthday - he would have been 82. Here's (Just Like) Starting Over from October, 1980:

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