October 18, 2018

Happy Fall, everyone!

It’s here—October…my favorite month of the year! I can’t get enough of all the wonderful Halloween goodies filling the stores…horror flicks playing on television…zombies and ghouls, bats and black cats… I swear I must have been a witch in another life. (No jokes about what a witch I am in this one or I may just put a curse on you!)

If you didn’t know, I’ve actually poured my love of all things spooky(-ish ;)) into a few paranormal romances of my own over the years.

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Buy the Book

I had a blast writing all three of these, and you can bet there are plenty more otherworldly ideas percolating in my brain. Until I can get them down on paper, though, if you haven't read these vampire and dragon stories, I hope you'll pick them up to enjoy this Holiday season!

Hunk of the Month

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Just for Fun

Since I can’t give you candy, here’s an even better Halloween treat for my book-loving readers:  a print-your-own bookmark!

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(Note: Consider printing on card stock or even greeting card/photo paper for a sturdier bookmark that will last a little longer, and high resolution is recommended to bring out the details of the image.)

Subscriber Exclusive ~ Enter to Win!

This month, I am giving away a frighteningly fun Halloween Prize Pack!

This zombie mini-tote will come stuffed with a witch’s broomstick pen (for when your main broomstick is in the shop), a bloody fangs pen (like the one I use to write my sexy, funny, vampire stories), an “I Heart Vampires” post-it square, and a set of seven fabulously quirky mini-buttons to show your ghoulish holiday spirit!

To round things out, I will also include a copy of one of the perfect-for-the-season titles I mentioned above—Hotter Than Hell, a multi-author collection of stories containing All Things Paranormal. (With my "Curse of the Dragon's Tears" contribution autographed, of course.)

To enter, simply fill out the Giveaway Form on my website and include “OCTOBER GIVEAWAY” in the subject line.

(DEADLINE: midnight EST October 28, 2018)

Have a safe and spooky holiday!


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