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Isabella Grandic | July 2020

"Make sure you're also having fun" is one of the most common pieces of advice I get. 

If you know me, you know that I can sometimes become overly occupied with what I'm working on. I forget that in Canada we only get a few sunny months a year. 

This July was sunny, beautiful and "fun." Lockdowns eased. I saw REAL humans (whaaaaaaat). 

I did random things like diving off bridges, learning to garden and pulling an all-nighter to create a pitch-deck for a billionaire.  

I've been trying to do less and achieve more. I've had fun this month, and I worked on fewer things - but I made more progress on the things I focused on. It felt a lot more fulfilling. 

This is a 3-minute update on my maternal health project, some webinars and deep-conversation recommendation for you. (We'll save the billionaire deck stories for another time). 

Ending Maternal Mortality

My friends & I are working to build a distribution system for misoprostol (a uterotonic drug). It can be used to manage and eliminate postpartum hemorrhaging, which is the leading maternal death cause globally. 

We're setting up a pilot to distribute through PPMVs (patent proprietary medical vendors) in rural parts of Nigeria. 

Some Quick Updates: 

  • We're looking at integrating primary healthcare centres into the distribution framework. (Along with PPMVs)
  • After receiving lots of feedback we've iterated the monitoring structure. More specifically, we decided we're only selling the drugs to the birth attendants, not the women/end users. 
  • One large priority is finding funding for this project. 

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🧠 Online Webinars

This month I participated in 2 online webinars. (Click the images to watch)

Intro to Cell Agriculture

I worked with Aleph Farms, Cellular Agriculture Society (CAS) and the Good Food Institute (GFI) to put together an hour-long panel on involving students in food science & technology.

Young Problem Solvers - Panel

I spoke at campus party global with two of my friends, Alishba and Nina about involving young people in innovation. 

Pandemic Game Suggestion: We're Not Really Strangers

I've been obsessed with this game called "we're not really strangers." It has helped me deepen my relationship with other people, and even myself. 

It's a card game that asks increasingly "difficult" questions as it goes on. Some of them are really deep questions. If played right, the game is incredibly reflective. 

Here are 3 questions I really love: 

  • "What's the most pain you've been in that wasn't physical?" 
  • "How does someone earn your vulnerability? Have I earned it? How can I earn more?" 
  • "How are you, really?"
  • For more question inspiration, I wrote a tweet thread

You'll have some awesome conversations. Learn more about the game

Shoutouts 💗

To end off, I'd like to extend some big thank yous to some incredible people! 

  • Saleema Khimji for all the advice, long conversations and support for the maternal health project. You've helped us so much thus far and I'm unbelievably grateful.   
  • Juliano Lissoni and the campus party team for being so supportive, responsive and helpful! 
  • My friend Cassia Attard for all the fun memories from this month!! 
  • Dr. Victoria Adepoju for always pushing my thinking and supporting our project. Your work is always incredibly inspiring to hear about!

Thanks for reading and following my journey, I'll see you next month! 

Isabella Grandic

Toronto, Canada

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