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Last fall, we had reservations to camp at Morro Bay State Park. Then, Covid numbers shot up and the Governor put out a Stay-at-Home order. All State Parks closed.

Fast forward to April 2021. We hit the road and headed south on I-5. The coastal range was still green and a passing storm left a few clouds behind. It’s a beautiful panoramic view.

The state park is gorgeous. Huge eucalyptus trees everywhere and right beside a gorgeous golf course. The first spot they gave us was meant for tent camping (too steep an angle for a C-class rig), but they said we could move to “bird poop alley” if we wanted. (Apparently, the vultures like to roost there.) Heck, what’s a little bird poop among friends? 😉 At least, it was flat.

There’s a small marina across the road from the park, with a fab café and a beautiful walking path around the estuary. It provided a view of “The Rock” we’d never seen before.

We learned the Morro Rock was once a volcano. All that remains is the harder plug at the core. It’s also one of eight such volcanic remnants in a row. And, if it weren’t for the concerned and determined citizens of Morro Bay, the rock might be a sad sight today because between 1881 and 1963 over a million tons of rock were blasted and hauled away to build roadways. Eek!

We shopped, walked on the beach (remember San Simeon?), and ate! (The fish and chips were awesome.) And read!!! It was a super relaxing and chill trip—literally because we wore winter coats one night and returned home to 85-degree temps.

We had so much fun!

Last week's Q&A wasHave you ever played Bocce Ball? Yes or No?

Now that we’re vaccinated—as are most of our friends—we’ve re-discovered the joy of dinner parties. One beautiful spring evening recently, we dined with local pals Rick and Jetty. They’re two of the first people we met when we moved to our little hamlet thirty-some years ago. They invited us to pizza and bocce.

Paul was instrumental in helping them build their bocce court, but then the Covid hit and our planned invitation to play this new-to-us game was postponed—a year! They hoped Paul could help them design a viewing platform, and we discussed, measured, and sketched ideas, then we got down to playing the game. Girls vs boys. Oh, my, this was so much fun. I’m a convert. Plus, the girls won!

My two randomly selected winners this week are:

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This week’s question: Have you ever been skateboarding? Yes or No?

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This holiday always feels bittersweet. It makes me miss my mom, Daisy, my wonderful mother-in-law, Mae, and my two sisters, Jan and Jeanne, even more than usual. I also think of all those mothers who came before me and how challenging their lives must have been. I’m fortunate to come from “good stock.” And, of course, I celebrate the mothers of my wonderful grandchildren, Kelly and Ruth. However/whomever you celebrate, I wish a beautiful day!

Stay well, my friends, and happy reading,


Next week: Going the distance…to 6,000’. Happy Rya Day!

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