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ISSUE 2 April 2018

לחץ כאן לעברית

Tikvah to Open New Parkinson Wellness Center in Jerusalem

Thanks to you, our friends and supporters, we will soon be moving into our new premises at 3 Rechov Kanfei Nesharim, in the heart of Jerusalem. After months of wandering from one site to another, we are delighted to move into a place which we can finally call Home. We’ve already signed a contract, and work is currently underway to make the premises fully accessible so that all our users can access our services with ease. Within a month we are hoping to complete all the building works and to furnish the facilities – and we are now actively seeking partners to help fund these costs.

Patient Impact

This short film is about Yaffa, a current member at Tikvah for Parkinson, and how her experience has been after joining our community. 

“The community that I have joined has become so important to me. The discussions, the laughter, the singing, conducting swallowing therapy together, having fun together, the WhatsApp group we created. All of these things bring us closer together, encourage us, and raise our spirits. ”

 Yaffa, a Parkinson Fighter

Yaffa, like many of our members fighting Parkinson's disease, has benefited greatly from our program. It brings us great joy to hear stories similar to Yaffa's, as it inspires us to keep moving forward. Thanks to your help we are making a difference in member's lives.


Tikvah Held its Ninth Community Lecture

On March 7, 2018, Tikvah for Parkinson held its ninth community lecture. We were honored to have Alex Kerten, author of Goodbye Parkinson, Hello Life, and founder and director of the gyro-kinetics Center in Ranaana speak to us about his groundbreaking method for living well with Parkinson.

“I returned home determined to continue moving, and even dancing, no matter what" one participant said. 

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Meet Our Staff!

Amii LeGendre comes to us from Red Hook, New York, where she is an instructor of Dance at Bard College. She is presently in Jerusalem on sabbatical, together with her husband, who is a professor teaching here for a semester, and their two daughters.

"I love dance - it has been a strong presence my whole life. It's the way I know how to make community. Through connecting, trusting, and expressing with the body we bring out each other’s humanity. Some of my most powerful and meaningful experiences have been through dance. 

I adore this program and look forward to teaching my class each week. I am not Jewish and had never met anyone Orthodox before. But the moment I enter the room, I feel warmth and open heartedness. I love teaching people new(ish) to dance and appreciate everyone’s willingness to try what I present, as well as the joyful energy, eye contact and spirit of inclusion.  And I especially appreciate everyone’s willingness to tolerate my English!"

Ask The Healthcare Advocate!


Lecture on the "Five Common Mistakes Olim Make When Navigating the Israeli Healthcare System, and How to Avoid Them."


Who? Aviva Yoselis MPH, Healthcare Advocate for The Shira Pransky Project, and new Olah of 21 years. 


When? May 9, 19:00 


Where? Kanfei Nesharim 3, Jerusalem, at our new center in Mercaz Shatner, 1st floor 


The lecture will be in English


The Shira Pransky Project presents a unique workshop that includes how to:

  • Navigate the medical system at various stages in your life
  • "Shop" for the right doctor
  • Communicate effectively with your doctor to achieve a "successful" visit
  • Identify problematic health situations and rectify them, quickly and efficiently 
  • Feel empowered to make positive medical decisions for your and your family 

You will return home with a wealth of written information in our 10 page handout.


Ask the Neurologist


Dr. David Arkadir, MD PhD, will be holding a Q&A session for our third session of the Ask The Neurologist series. Dr. Arkadir trained at both, Hebrew University Medical School and at Columbia University, and is currently the senior neurologist at Hadassah medical center where he sub-specializes in treating Parkinson's disease.  


When? June 5, 19:00 


Where? Kanfei Nesharim 3, Jerusalem, at our new center in Mercaz Shatner, 1st floor 


The lecture will be in Hebrew





Tikvah For Parkinson

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