Happy new year, boys and girls!

I hope you've had enough time to rest, recharge, and reflect on your 2019.

And I hope you have all the energy and ambition needed to grab 2020 by the b...eak and make it your most successful year ever.

I've talked about my annual goal planning, but this year I wanted to simplify things a bit. So I decided to set a theme for the year. Chris Brogan has three words. I wanted to simplify even more, so I chose one word only.

My word for 2020 is EXPAND.

I'll be focusing on expanding my reach, expanding my client list, expanding my knowledge and professional expertise. 2019 was my first year in independent consulting, and 2020 needs to be my first year in the big league.

This means I will be testing new ways to expand this newsletter and increase its usefulness. I want my newsletter subscribers to have access to personal and exclusive content.

The first step is to have an intro that's more like a mini-blog post - posing a specific topic and showing my position on it. The "word of the year" concept and my focus for 2020 is just that.

Hit Reply and let me know if this idea sounds good to you. Of course, you can always just scroll to the list of helpful links below.👇


Here are some nice readings for your first week in 2020:

Image vs. Video vs. Carousel: Which is the Best Facebook Ad Format?
Over the past couple of months, I've been seeing some great results with carousel ads. In my experience, they drive a lower CPC and a better CPA. So it's worth to test them out if you still haven't done it. Here AdEspresso put some popular ad formats to the test and share their results after a $1000 experiment.

The Meme-ification of Instagram
There’s a new trend we see today: Instagrammers go against the very-retouched-and-enhanced aesthetic and aren’t afraid to post memes and cruder graphics. Here’s a nice selection of brands doing it right.

How to Use Holiday Gift Guides to Boost Seasonal Sales
It might be a bit late to use these for the current holiday season, but your next big holiday promo is around the corner and you can use some of the ideas here to inspire customers with great gift ideas.

What's Popping? 4 Types of Pop-ups You Should Have On Your Website
Here's a long and thorough read on usability test reporting - it’s pure gold! Even if you're not used to usability testing, I highly recommend you file this article away for reference when conducting usability research in the future.


Enjoy the rest of the week!

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