Swag pack giveaway, Radish update, Lit Lush shots, & new books from the Horsemen!
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I know I don't normally email twice in one week, but I had something time sensitive to share, and I also just kicked off a mini swag pack giveaway to say sorry for the longer wait on "Shadow of Death".

The 3 swag pack prizes will include your choice of 3D book swag (earrings, necklace, or pin), a "Bank of Eternity" wooden coin, flat cover magnet, cover sticker, bookmark, signed postcard, and stylus ink pen. Instead of extra entries for social media frens, this time I have a short reader survey that I'll be using to decide what to write next. As always, the drawing is free to enter and open internationally!


picture of 3 mini swag packs

The feature on Radish was a huge success! Or at least, I think it was. This was my first time in their Gift Box, and "Blood Vice" received 15,000 new views this week. O.O

Numbers aside, my second clue that the feature went well is the fact that they put Lana's series "Grim in Limbo" in the Gift Box immediately after the first feature ended. Woot! Lana's turn lasts until 11:59AM EST on Monday, March 28. 

If you're in the Radish gang, here's a direct link to "Grim in Limbo" on the app where you can use the gift box coupons: 


"Grim in Limbo" Radish graphic

The Literary Lushes Podcast just released their take on "Ghost Market" Lana book 6, and the drink video where we fix up a batch of the "demon piss" shots featured in chapter 6.

I think I might be the Lit Lushes #1 regular on the show, and I can't tell you how tickled I am by that! I love these ladies so much. They're hilarious, and they have great taste (in books and drinks). 

Check out Lit Lush episode 66 (book 6, chapter 6, episode 66, what!?) on Podbean here:


And check out the drink video on Youtube here:


"Ghost Market" Lit Lush Podcast Graphic

My critique group, the Four Horsemen of the Bookocalypse, have been busy lately, too. Kory M. Shrum just released book 7 of her Shadows in the Water supernatural thriller series, and Monica La Porta has a free (until the end of March) novella for her Lords and Ladies of London historical romance series.

We're a diverse gang that likes to hop between genres, but I always enjoy reading new works from the Horsemen!

Overkill by Kory M. Shrum cover
The Duke's Kiss by Monica La Porta cover

Next time I email, it will be to announce the release of "Shadow of Death" and the big swag box giveaway. For now, I'm back to work! Hope you're enjoying the spring weather and reading lots of great books!

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