Offline voice control for KNX

RealKNX Air

First KNX offline voice control, for more privacy

ProKNX presents the solution to protect your privacy. With the lauch of the RealKNX Air we are entering the next generation of voice recognition. Indeed, it doesn't require an internet connection or a cloud. It's the first offline voice control for KNX that is completely configured in ETS, and it allows thousands of word combinations for a perfect understanding of the commands. 

  • short setup with an ETS product database
  • no account, no passwords to remember
  • system runs locally, will not be modified by automatic updates
  • runs for years, just like KNX :)
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Christmas offer

For every order placed on a realKNX Air and payed before the 31st of December get 15% off by entering the code "heysnips" on our online shop

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