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July Newsletter

We just turned 1 🎂 and thought to update you about us and what's new in the world of Environment, Space-tech, Big Data and AI with our very first newsletter.

Meet the Satellite Gazers
  • Last July, we started as two siblings planning to "sell air pollution masks". Somewhere along the way, we became a geospatial data analytics startup
  • And now, we are analyzing the last 10 years of ground (IoT) measurement data and TBs of satellite data. Stay tuned for updates. 😎
  • Btw, we just got selected for the T-Hub Facebook India Innovation Accelerator empowering startups building AI for Social Good 💪
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What's hot in the world of Environment
  • Churru, RJ 50 C & Delhi reached 48 C. Along with air pollution, is India entering an era of new heat crisis? 😰
  • Chennai ran out of the water with reservoirs dried up at 1.3% of total capacity. Is your city next? Check with Niti Aayog says 
  • In good news, the next 100 days will have the best quality of the year before we surge back to hazardous from Oct 1. Happy Breathing !
Space News

Explore the magic of geospatial world

Big Polluter meet Big Brother

WattTime wins $1.7 million grant in Google AI Impact Challenge to monitor power plant carbon 
emissions from space 

Bellatrix Aerospace raises $3 M

Low-cost satellite propulsion startup raised pre-series A round entirely from Indian investors (including Deepika Padukone

In other related news
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