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Photosynthesis Enhancement Innovation Using Carbon Dots Succeeds in Increasing Crop Yields

Through the innovation, photosynthesis rate increases between 20 and 80 percent depending on the types of crop. Furthermore, the cost to produce carbon dots is about 90 percent lower than the conventional method. Read More

Chicken Feed Using Black Soldier Fly Larvae

The larvae of Hermetia illucens have the potential of being one of the sources of protein in the feed of free-range chickens. The larvae, produced through the bio-recycling process of food wastes, can also help in addressing various issues in food waste. Read More

Vivarium Festival Showcases Flora and Fauna Conservation Efforts

Vivarium is created specifically for the purpose of conserving flora and fauna, and it has a high value as a décor for home, landscape and environment that is often built by fans and nature lovers as a hobby. Read More

UPM hockey athletes share sports knowledge in Indonesia

The 5-day visit under the Student Mobility Programme at Indonesian Universities 2018 was aimed at inculcating the spirit of sportsmanship and sharing of Malaysian-Indonesian sports science knowledge.  Read More

SPARTAR Programme Honours Orphans, Asnaf Children

The main objective of the programme was to provide opportunities for the children to get a little help in their learning from university students apart from instilling motivation in the children to pursue a higher education. Read More

LAX English Learning Course Enhances English Competency

LAX English is an English language co-curricular-type activities that encourages students to practice English outside the classroom in a meaningful and authentic environment. Read More

UPM Civil Engineering Graduate Receives UEM Medal Awards 2018

Khairul was chosen based on his excellent achievement in the final year project assessment, interview session by UEM and involvement in co-curricular activities throughout his studies in UPM. Read More

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