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Trauma-informed Coaching CPD Course

The Mental Health Fall Out of Covid is Coming - are you prepared?

Calling all coaches, pastoral support professionals, support workers, and counsellors.

The indications from Italy and other European countries, who are ahead of the curve on Covid, are that trauma rates have risen. Effectively responding to emotional trauma is a big factor in the recovery phase of the virus.

If you are working with:-

  • Vulnerable children and adults
  • Colleagues juggling the pressures of family and work
  • Adults or young people experiencing mental health strains from lockdown
  • People feeling isolation and loneliness
  • Anxieties and fears
  • Those experiencing direct traumatic effects of illness and bereavement

then this programme will directly enhance your support work. Adding even more value to the support you already offer and ensuring you "do no harm".

Dealing with trauma should be a specialist field, but the scope and scale of trauma across Europe is great.

As schools are set to re-open, and businesses welcome people back into physical proximity, the extent of the psychological effects of this pandemic,  will emerge.

In Italy psychologists estimate between 60% and 80% of the population are requiring some form of psycholiogical intervention. Whilst there is some evidence that populations may be adapting and growing some mental and emotional resilience (Mental Health Foundation Studiy 2020). Between 4 and 41% of the population in UK (dependent on specific groups looked at), experiencing trauma-symptoms from the Covid 'fall out' (Torales et al 2020). 

Many medical and psychological services are concerned that there will not be enough trained professionals to service this need.

That said, having an understanding of emotional trauma, and what you CAN do and what you MUST NOT do, is a big step to reintegrating and normalising again for people.

Even if you are not directly dealing with Covid19 effects, knowing how to recognise and effectively deal with trauma in client/colleague sessions will be invaluable.

We are currently running a 9 hour, online, flexible-learning trauma-informed coaching  course and it's  hugely well received.

Colleagues are recognising the value of the programme and it's timeliness with the current challenges in our lives.

They are also recognising how important having a trauma-informed approach to their work is, given the uniqueness of trauma and the very specific adjustment to your practice that is needed.

All the materials on the course are downloadable so you can keep them forever.

Here are the headline benefits of the programme, with the full details further down:

Get three modules of 6 units each, on:

  • How to recognise and work with trauma triggers appropriately in the workplace, with colleagues or young people
  • How to 'do no harm' and prevent 'stepping in with both feet' when there is a trauma issue at play
  • Understand the neuroscience behind the traumatised brain and how we need to work with it differently (including cutting edge polyvagal theory)
  • Have multiple practical ways to work safely and effectively with the kinds of every-day trauma triggers that interfere with work and productivity
  • Empower yourself and others to deal with emotional triggers and also feelings of disconnection
  • Gain new coaching tools and skills which also work effectively in other non-trauma high emotion situations

You'll be increasing your flexibility as a practitioner, changing lives and being the go-to expert on this in your organisation. Having this skill and knowledge set will be a game-changer for you, and those you serve.

Couple this with the flexibility of the programme and the evidence-based approach the training takes and you're making the most of the opportunity that lockdown presents.

Really hope you can join me on the course.

More information needed?  Read on......


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WHY people get stuck can be because of TRAUMA

Psychological trauma (according to World Health Organisation) affects a staggering proportion of the population.

70.4% of people worldwide. These people have experienced  emotionally traumatic events that impact on their everyday stress levels and ability to cope.

Even if you strip out crisis zones in the world, from these stats the levels of childhood and adult trauma are still high in our society.

Trauma drains the colour out of someone's day and impacts learning, and agency.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is at the sharp end of this and is very well publicised.  As coaches and pastoral leads, I am not talking here about dealing with this very specialist end of the trauma spectrum.  However people often hold mini-trauma pieces that interfere with their ability to function with joy and full presence, affect their performance and interfere with their health and well being. 

That lesson or presentation where it all went wrong and the boss was watching, that links into the experience when you were at a child at school and everyone laughed.  Your nervousness about meeting dogs on a walk, or the experience of aspects of our recent life circumstances with Covid-19. Having to write a report and all your demons about spelling and grammar rock up. What happened to you when you were 6 and you still can't fathom it.

We are already aware in many settings, of the impact of ACE's (Adverse Childhood Events). Significant life events which can have a grave impact on our young people.

But the impact of these doesn't just disappear as we get older.  And we can carry 'free-floating' traumatic experiences into our present.  Trauma experiences interfere with the date-stamping process in the brain. This in turn makes it harder to resolve the impact of them with traditional talking methodologies.

Trauma triggers aren't just working at a psychological level they are happening at a neurological and somatic level too. The way the body holds trauma (somatic memory) is a new and exciting avenue of neurobiology, and this course explains why "talking approaches" don't work with this, and how you can easily adapt your approaches to enable trauma resolution.

It's closely linked to anxiety and stress-related conditions, poor sleep, nightmares, and avoidance of social situations.

"I'm not a therapist though!"  I hear you cry.  That may be true for you, however as a coach, mentor or pastoral lead, you are still dealing with trauma everyday among those you support.

The course also helps you with your own "trauma pieces" with an emphasis on how to recognise when your own trauma triggers adversely affect your own practice and how to minimise that impact.

So it's the elephant in the room in many professional conversations for both practitioner and client.

It's a performance & well-being issue. It's an everyday occurrence. And........ it's Covid-linked

The Echo-Pandemic

Mid Covid-19 outbreak and you may already have read of the so-called 'ECHO-PANDEMIC'.

Psychologists are predicting a steep rise in anxiety and other mental health issues following the current Corona-virus peak.  between 60 and 80% already in Italy and similarly-affected countries.

Will you be prepared for this and the impacts it will have on your coachees at work and friends and family?

Be ahead of the curve.

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Fortunately for you, your existing skills plus a new evidence base offers a way to mitigate the effects of trauma

Fortunately for you, you've already got an awesome grounding of skills and knowledge on which to build and fine tune your ability to work with trauma.

All the work you've already done to learn skills in your work place, makes you ideally positioned to go to the next level.

Trauma-informed coaching now has the evidence-base to be able to work safely and effectively. 

When you listen to others, you are holding a space for them to be vulnerable so having advanced skills in this area of practice will help you:

  • Know precisely when you're dealing with trauma and how to "do no harm", as well as offer targeted help
  • Know specifically if a person needs  to be  "refered-on" and how to support in the interim 
  • Have some simple, workplace-friendly tools to help people safely work through traumatic triggers and improve their well being and performance
  • Be at the cutting edge of coaching practice with an even wider palette of approaches
Need more info - read on or for Self Study - BUY NOW

How can you build your capabilities further?

Like you, I am hungry to learn new ways to improve the quality and speed with which I can help people improve their lives and their work.

I've been gathering the very best in cutting-edge coaching and support tools, over 25 years now, which I share with you in my trainings.

I'm constantly updating my skills.  Even since you last did  training with me, I've been learning and qualifying in new methods.

Honestly, I never stop learning! Is that you too?

With a Masters in Counselling, Coaching  and Mentoring Practice, as a GHR, registered hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Satir Transformational Coach, Teacher of Mindfulness,  Somatic Trauma-informed Coach and Emotional Freedom Technique Advanced Practitioner, I'm always seeking to bring increased value to your training and learning.

And if you don't hear from me for a while it's because I am off learning something new!

My invitation to you today, is to take your skills into a very specific area of coaching practice, and to a whole new level. 

So why wait? 

If you're ready to jump in, then click here now  and feel the difference this is going to make to the way you coach and the confidence you have to handle anything.

Imagine how others will feel about your coaching, when you are picking up on even more of the cues that are holding people back, and working easily and effortlessly with them towards feeling making progress. Thinking more clearly. Making good decisions now.

This is a one-time offer as I can't guarantee I will run this again, at this price, and once we are out of lockdown. So if you're ready secure your place now and click the link below.

I know for some of you, you'll need more time and more information, in which case, read on.

Below you'll find out more about the 3 modules and the 6 units in each of those modules,  and the content you'll learn and the skills you will gain. You may have questions and you might need to discuss it with someone else. You can drop me an email if there is anything else specifically you need to know.

Here's what you get

Course Process

This manageable, small-chunk online programme offers a suite of 3 key modules of Trauma-Informed Coaching CPD.

Module 1. Understanding Trauma All you need to know about trauma in a normal coaching and mentoring context and how to work with it safely. Based on the work of P. Ogden and J. Fisher we will journey into a full understanding of what trauma is, what it does neurologically and how you can work with it.

Module 2. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Effectively and quickly recalibrate a traumatic experience. EFT is a cutting edge evidence-based approach to rapidly reducing negative emotions, and resetting the traumatised brain. Based on the work of Gary Craig and Tania Prince we learn the very practical and fast-acting approach bringing down heightened emotional states.

Module 3. Satir Transformational Coaching Model

Understanding this approach to change-work and trauma. Including  Virginia Satir's brilliant Iceberg model and The Coping Stances that people adopt under stress. This module provides a whole new dimension to all your coaching, not just for trauma work. It's highly relevant for individual and also team coaching and mediation work. Based on the work of Virginia Satir and Dr John Banham we work with a framework for bringing 8 layers of curiosity into our coaching, which elegantly ties in with trauma-informed approaches.

Style and Resources

Each module consists of a 3 hour online learning module  delivered via a blended mix of, visual, audio, and PDF resources, on a user friendly platform. It's 9 hours CPD in total. 

There are two study options. 

Self Study - where you get on with the programme, as and when it suits you. There is no support from the tutor for this option nor certification. It will however suit you well if it's curiosity you want to quench,  and knowledge and skills you want to acquire.

Supported Study -  where you follow the programme programme, as and when it suits you. But in addition, there is interactive support online with your tutor, and you take a test at the end and  are awarded your certificate of CPD in Trauma-informed Coaching when you successfully pass.  Certificates are delivered to you as a downloadable and printable high quality PDF. You may take the test twice.

Both options begin on 25th September 2020 and you have 6 months to complete the course and take the test, where applicable. 

Typically learners take three months to study the modules allowing for life demands, and then there is few month's leeway available within this structure. 

OK I am Good to GO on SELF STUDY


"Brilliant facilitator! Very approachable and personable!...Practical Ideas" JOEL BAILEY, BIRMINGHAM

"Will is without doubt one of the top trainers in the UK and indeed the world. His training consistently received outstanding evaluations and more than often all delegates rated the training as being outstanding. Not only that, but in retrospective research with programme participants, Will's training was frequently identified as having had sustained and long-term impact" DR RICHARD CHURCHES, GOVERNMENT ADVISOR, KEYNOTE SPEAKER

"This course has reiterated that psychology of change and how people are motivated is complex and how we have to treat each person differently and carefully...The skills I have learned  have helped me grow not only as a coach but as a person. I have been able to effectively implement many of the strategies in my current role" SA, KINGDOM OF BRUNEI

"Motivational, throughout provoking programme" RD, BIRMINGHAM

"I can not recommend Will highly enough. PS I don’t normally recommend and I certainly don’t normally share information like this" SIR CHRISTOPHER STONE, GLOBAL CHIEF EDUCATION OFFICER, GEMS, DUBAI

100% Lightbulb moments. refreshing, motivating into action! NR, HERTFORDSHIRE


So here's the bottom line

What's the investment you're making in your effectiveness?

Super Early Bird is now closed, however we do still have these Early Bird fees available..

This  9 hour CPD Training Package is

Self Study Only:  

£219 (Incl taxes)  per person EARLY BIRD £159 EXTENDED UNTIL 8th SEPT 2020

Includes access to all online multi-media training and downloads

Supported Study Package and Certification: 

£399 (Incl taxes) per person EARLY BIRD £329 EXTENDED UNTIL 8th SEPT 2020

Includes access to all online multimedia training and downloads, online support from tutor, end-tests (x2), and CPD certification

Now I know for some of you, you'll need time to analyse this and consider the information presented here.  You may have some questions. So take some time to consider what is laid out here.  

You also might want to email me with your questions too.  Feel free, I want you to make the right decision for you. I will get back to you asap.

Only you can decide, based on weighing up what you already have and what this will give you.  But just imagine feeling even more confident, being the go-to person for this topic, and having further built on your already strong skills in support and communication.

People are noticing your new ways of working,  and the systems and processes you can refer to and share. You're feeling a whole new level of understanding going into supporting troubled colleagues and young people, with an even bigger map of the psychology of change. Changing lives, opening up potential, minimising the impact of traumatic experiences.


This course starts on 15th October 2020

The Self Study duration now runs for 6 months from this date, with course delivering over a 3 month period. The Supported Study course runs over 4 months and has a 3 month period of delivery.

The discounts on the links are  time-sensitive. 

If you're not already clicking the sign-up button,

these are some questions to consider:-

  • Do you want to serve your colleagues, students, and yourself, even better than you do now?
  • Do you want to have more cutting edge tools in your toolkit for emotional-situations and also for day-to-day support?
  • Do you want to be at the leading edge of your practice as a professional?
  • Do you want to be able to say, not only did I survive this pandemic, but I thrived and learned, and I am ready for whatever comes next in my community?

If the answer to these questions is YES, then join me on this adventure in learning. Click the links below and get on-board.

Any questions email me now 

Really hoping we can work together soon.

With kind wishes to you all


Will Thomas MA, BSc(Hons), PGCE, GHR, GQHP.

Professional Coach, Author, Trainer, Registered Hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, Teacher of Mindfulness, Satir Transformational Therapy Graduate, Trauma Informed Coaching Certification. Doctoral Researcher in EFT.


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