The Fix Volume One, Volume Two

Written by Nick Spenser
Art by Steve Lieber
Colors by Ryan Hill
Letters by Nic J. Shaw

About 177 plus pages each.
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There's more to the story.

I am remiss. There's actually a part three you can buy to complete the set. I'll get part three later, promise.

There's enough story in the first two volumes of The Fix to really get you going, though. I absolutely cracked up with the 'bad lieutenant' story line, following one L.A. police detective named Roy who is perpetually seeking a way to 'sell' what he does as a cop to some Hollywood Producer for big bucks.


Later Roy meets up with a seemingly ordinary person who describes his day in detail. It's gross, he does very unpleasant and awkward things to manikins and Ugg shoes at a shopping mall. He gets arrested, but is let go with a warning. Why? Because he's a movie producer and this is L.A.


Roy and his cop partner Mac concoct a scheme to sell their 'thwarted terrorist attempt' perpetuated by 'The Mad Flag Burner' who flies around in a helicopter shooting at a bus load of nuns... all based on one gunshot wound made by Roy shooting into Mac's hand. None of the other stuff happened, but it's going on the police report, and Roy and Mac plan on selling the film rights to their adventure to Hollywood.

One big factor for them is they owe money to a seemingly innocent looking man who's into organic cooking and yoga -but also is a ruthless killer. He wants Roy and Mac to allow a man to go through customs at LAX without search, and for that to happen Mac needs to be transferred to the K-9 division (drug sniffing dogs). So Roy's plan is to shoot Mac in the hand -while feeding them the bizarre story- also allows Mac to take the transfer.

Meet Pretzels!

Wouldn't you know, Mac's new K-9 partner is a cute beagle named Pretzels!

Nick Spenser's writing is clean and straight. It's also thoroughly outrageous and perverse. It's obvious from the get-go that Roy plans on using the seamy underbelly of L.A. to ride to the top of the food chain. There is no moral code with him.

I really enjoyed these books a lot, and plan on getting Volume Three when I get a better cash flow underway.

Next Tuesday:

Black Hammer

by Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston


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