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AURORA Highlights
September 2020
Greetings to the AURORA Community! And, welcome to those who are receiving this newsletter for the first time! You belong here.

Each month, we gather to focus on a theme and follow a monthly yoga  calendar. This supports you on your journey by providing loving accountability. It helps bring intention in where it is lacking and a sense of discipline, if you need it. Most of us do! It provides you with a structure to work with your body, tend to your mind, and connect to your self. It can also provide opportunity for you to connect to others, if you want it.

With the change of the seasons and back to school time energy, it’s a new month and with September comes…transitions. These transitions can provide an opportunity to return, refocus, rejuvenate, and start again.

With all of this in mind, our community theme for September embraces this shift and offers a potent invitation to focus on REBIRTH.  Each day is a new opportunity to practice "Rebirth". This awareness of the cyclical nature of things and its many opportunities for "Rebirth" is having an impact on our and our communities' decisions, attitude, and actions.

We, at AURORA, want to make sure we have classes and events taking place that can help support this time of Rebirth transition for you.

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Classes Tuesdays 7-8pm and Thursdays 8-9pm
Rebirth your Body. Focus on your Breath.

We are most pleased that Instructor Emily Doucette will be continuing on with Aurora in the fall and will be teaching the following classes in September.

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Rebirth your Body made easier
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Different bodies.  Different instructors with different approaches.

We are very pleased to have TWO more instructors offering classes at AURORA.  Something for everyone we are hoping!

New Instructor - Debbie Phenix
Yoga for Beginners coming soon to Aurora

Debbie was born and raised here in The Pas, she's a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 2.  Her interest in yoga began over 2 decades ago with a daily at-home practice. Two years ago, she completed her yoga teacher training with Shannon Smadella from Flin Flon.  Being in the field of counselling, she has explored and studied the art of mindfulness and meditation as a tool for stress reduction, trauma therapy and self-awareness.

Debbie is busy preparing to start teaching a Beginner class this month to those new to yoga and meditation.

Returning Instructor - Devra Poitra
Introduction to Meditation and Functional Yoga coming soon to Aurora

Devra, in recently upgrading from a 200 hour to a 500 level yoga teacher, has devoted herself to helping people honour and care for themselves and each other with loving kindness and patience. She is eager to build connection, community, and a Spiritual Village at Aurora with the 3 morning Introduction to Meditation class she is preparing for the end of this month.  These custom created guided meditations will take place online over 3 consecutive mornings from 7:15-8am.  Exact dates to be confimed shortly.  Watch our website and Facebook page.

“How you approach your mat, what you explore on it, and how you use what you have learnt there influences the core of who you are”. - Devra

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This'll sure boost your Vitality! Not too late to Sign up!
We have a couple of spots left on the Fall Canoe trip so let us know right away if you are interested in joining this great group of people going out!
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Rebirth your Mind's Vitality with these I AM Sessions
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Providing Experiences to Build a Community of Support

The vision of the I Am Sessions is to bring together a diverse group of facilitators and presenters that specialize in their craft or service, inspirational speaking, wellness instruction, music performance, massage therapy, and so much more.

What are these I AM Sessions going to be?
Each month something different for you to explore!

I AM Creative - we can have craft nights!

I AM Healthy - cook a healthy meal! 

I AM Mindful - journal or write poetry! 

I AM Alive - have a dance party! 

I AM Relaxed - make our own bath salts!

All of this to build our Mind, Body, Soul connection to show that I AM Enough.

Watch our Facebook page for dates and times of these events!

I AM Connected. I AM Respectful.
Collecting Medicines like Sweetgrass

Aboriginal people have been using medicinal plants from the Boreal forest traditionally for thousands of years. We would like to honour these teachings of the medicines Mother Earth provides. A beautiful way to connect and honour Mother Earth!

We are planning TWO Medicine picking events this month - one primarily for sweetgrass with local elder to learn what is behind the making of the smudging braids, and one primarily for wegis which is good for battling cold/flu season! 
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Rebirth your Soul. Build Inner Strength.

New Moon - time for relection
Card Readings

Before readings, we will start with a group meditation to set our intentions first and to open up your intuition.  You will receive 2 readings from any of our 3 card readers, each of whom use different types of card decks to give you more insight. Then once you've had your two readings, there will be time for tea and to journal your experience if you so chose.  Limit 6 people.

Full Moon - time for release
Full Moon Fire Circles

Here in the safety of the circle we'll share some gentle ritual, some earthy tea, maybe some crafting, singing or even moving under the full moon should you choose! Your call, whatever your spirit is calling for.

Moon teachings help in not only guiding ourselves, but also our children, family, community and how we take care of the Mother Earth, and everything that gives us life each and every day.

Date: TBA (according to elder, Alvin Merasty)
Fall Equinox Sweat Lodge Ceremony

This Fall Equinox is a powerful time to tune into gratitude, reflection and to prepare for winter where the beautiful opportunity to journey inward emerges from the cold and dark.  The Sweat Lodge Ceremony allows us to honour how far you’ve come in your journey and return to balance and presence before continuing onward in the journey through life.

Watch for upcoming details on Cultural Days taking place Sept 25 - Oct 25, 2020

Culture Days programs invite the public to get hands-on and behind-the-scenes to highlight the importance of arts and culture in our communities - and we at AURORA would love to do just that!  This is what we offered last year that we are presently looking at revamping for this year as we now have a MONTH to work with!

Intro to Yoga

Kids Yoga
Awakening Spirit
Traditional Medicine Picking

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