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the Living Water Foundation Community Garden & Wellness Park presents

July 2020 Issue

The Community Garden & Wellness Park is a community-based project started by the Living Water Foundation that strives to enhance physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being in order to promote a healthy and socially sustainable community in Newberry County.

A Message From Our Team

Times are tough right now, and we all know that no one is immune. Sometimes it can be hard to cope with the state of the world, but it has made all the difference to us to see our community come together in love. Thank you all for the kindness you have shown us and your neighbors. Read on to see the some of the impact you continue to make.

All the best,

The Living Water Foundation

Garden & Park Updates

Above you'll see Philip Palmer working to saw donated cedar trees secured by Bedenbaugh Logging in Prosperity. These cedar boards are being used to construct the boxes for our raised garden beds. For the past 6 weeks, he has donated his sawmill and skill with the aid of other community members Kirk Atwood, Joey Werts, Tom Eustace, Terry Fellers, Buddy and Perry Threatt, and board members George Whatley, Alex Harold, Hugh Lister, and Les Hipp. Through this combined effort, they have been able to saw over 15% of the total wood needed and are preparing to install the completed beds. At this steady pace, the team has projections to completely finish cutting, building, and installing the beds this winter. In addition to cutting lumber, we have been able to begin mulching the land thanks to the generosity of Willingham’s Building Supply in hauling mulch so that Joey Werts can use his tractor to spread it as the garden takes shape! Spot treatment of weeds has begun as well, and we are preparing to install sod and other plantings (also thanks to the help of Joey Werts). The garden is truly becoming more beautiful by the day!

Board Member Spotlight: George Whatley

Pictured center above with other board members and volunteers, Board Member George Whatley has been a resident of Newberry, South Carolina for 28 years and is a devoted member of his community. A patient of Dr. Oscar Lovelace, he knew right away when Dr. Lovelace mentioned the Living Water Foundation that he wanted to be involved. George now works with volunteers and other board members in the development of the plot, and has had a major hand in all elements of garden & park construction - including each aspect listed in this newsletter issue! George is a true champion for the development of the garden & park and a cherished member of the team. 

Friend of the Foundation Special Feature: Philip Palmer, Palmer Construction Company

Pictured left above with his wife and Dr. Lovelace, Philip Palmer of Palmer Construction Company has very generously granted the use of his sawmill to the Community Garden & Wellness Park one day a week for the past 6 weeks. In fact, the sawing you see being done in the "Garden & Park Updates" is right there at his sawmill! Philip's contribution has been invaluable to the progress of the garden, and we are incredibly grateful. To learn more about Philip and his company, click here.

How to Get Involved
Be a Part of the Park & Garden!

Our team currently offers several ways to take part in the development of the Community Garden & Wellness Park, and we are constantly coming up with more!

Work Days

Beginning in August, the team will be hosting monthly volunteer days! This month's volunteer day will involve getting your hands dirty, connecting with the Earth and each other, and working directly in the garden. Our garden masters are currently in the process of setting a date, so make sure to check back on our website and Facebook page for dates and additional details!

Long Term Involvement

Interested in offering your talents to help develop the Community Garden & Wellness Park on an ongoing basis? There are endless opportunities to do so! Contact to talk about how you would like to use your talents to build a healthier Newberry County.

Other Ways to Help Our Garden Grow:

  • Shop through Amazon Smile using this link - a percentage of your purchase price will go directly to the Living Water Foundation
  • Visit for donation opportunities
  • Email for opportunities to volunteer your time, talents, and skills
  • Keep up with our Facebook page and have an eye out for updates - we have lots of exciting things coming your way!
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