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Hello diego,

Linux Mint 19 has been released and it is full of awesome new features.

For next few days or weeks, I'll be focused on Mint 19 and write new tips and tutorials on the new release. You can find them all at this link.

If you have some tips or requests, let me know :)

Linux Mint 19 is not the only new release this week. Peppermint 9 has also been released. Like Mint, Peppermint is also based on Ubuntu.

Speaking of Ubuntu, Canonical has released some stats from the Ubuntu 18.04 data collection at install time. Some interesting facts there.

On videos side, I created a video of things to do after installing Ubuntu 18.04. If you just started with 18.04, you'll find it useful. If you haven't done it yet. do subscribe to our YouTube channel for more informational videos.

In not so positive news, GitHub mirrors of Gentoo Linux was hacked

On Linux Handbook, I shared some useful keyboard shortcuts that will increase your productivity in Linux terminal.

Our 6th-anniversary giveaway is still running. I am aware that some people had trouble entering the giveaway and we made some fixes for that. You should delete browser cache and enter again. I have extended the Giveaway deadline because of this issue.

On our newly created LinkedIn page, we have over 500 awesome followers. As promised I am creating weekly short informational videos especially for LinkedIn.

I let you read the articles and discuss them. See you next week :)

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Hope you liked it :)
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