DrJoyCoaching Newsletter, vol. 5

Feb 1, 2021


As our communities start to open up again, and as vaccinations are distributed to healthcare workers, I can't help but feel a bit of hope, like the sun peeking through the clouds after a storm.  It's been a long haul since Covid first emerged, and many of us have lost patients to Covid, and have probably known people outside our medical circles who have died. Most of us are experiencing Covid-fatigue and would love to return to normal and get on with our lives. 

This pandemic may also be a wake-up call.  A crisis often shakes up our sense of  stability, and helps us recognize that we need to make a change. Did you make any New Year's Resolutions? Lose the Covid 19, exercise more, start a gratitude journal?   Or maybe it's something a lot bigger- quit, or find a new job? 

If you are still in the pre-contemplation phase, what is holding you back? What is it going to take for you to make a commitment to that change? Do you have a belief about yourself that is preventing you from moving forward? Do you have a choice to make and you just can't decide? Are you afraid of what will happen if you take a chance? 

There's a quote I love from Martin Luther King, Jr-- "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." 

If you are ready to make a change and need some help to figure out the path forward, please reply to this email or click HERE. We can get on a call, and see if coaching with me might be what you need to help you take that first step. 

Be well!  And don't forget to breathe... 


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