This morning, while preparing lunch for my kiddies, I turned on the television and YAY! Sex and the City was on…one of the oldies but goodies.

How many of you guys loved that show as much as me??

So in this particular episode, the topic was DEAL BREAKERS! It opened with Charlotte having her first kiss with a really great guy who she totally clicked with. Cue the romantic music and the guy’s tongue pops out to lap at her mouth like a dog at a water bowl on a hot day.

LOL! That was her deal breaker.

That first kiss, though. How amazing it is when it’s with the right person! I love writing that moment, capturing all of the raw emotions with words, and making the reader feel every bit of what the characters are experiencing. I close my eyes and think about my first kiss with my husband…the excitement, the butterflies, the tingles, the racing heart.


When it’s right, you just know. It’s perfect, the first time and every time afterward.

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