Happy April, and happy spring! We're not yet in the clear as far as the weather goes (in fact we're expecting a wintery mix later today), but I'm definitely enjoying the longer days and (gradually) warming temperatures.

Last month I talked briefly about how and where to promote your patterns when you release them, including by using an email list. This month I thought I would get into a little more detail about how to build and use your list for promotional purposes.

And as always, I've included my tech editing availability for the coming month. April is shaping up to be another busy month for me, so be sure to get in touch soon if you've got a pattern nearly ready for editing. 

Building Your Email List

Last month I talked about the various ways I promote my new patterns when I release them. A big part of my marketing plan revolves around my email list.

Your email list contains your biggest fans - these are the people who have chosen to receive communication from you and are interested in what you have to offer. Most marketing folks will agree that a healthy email list with a good conversion rate is worth so much more than social media "likes"!

So now that I've convinced you that you need an email list (and you do!), how do you build it? Building your list is an ongoing project that you will want to work at consistently. Here are a few things I have done that have helped me grow my list significantly since I started it a year and a half ago:

1. Create an incentive for opting in

  • This should be something relevant and valuable to your followers and fans.
  • For the design section of my list (i.e. the group of subscribers interested in me as a designer), I offer a free pattern, but a coupon code could also work.

2. Talk about your list

  • People can't sign up for your list if they don't know you have one, and won't sign up for your list if they don't know what kinds of email you send! So be sure to talk about your list on social media.
  • A great time to do this is in the leadup to a pattern release, especially if you give your subscribers an exclusive discount.

3. Make your list easy to find

  • Anyone who finds you anywhere should be able to join your list quickly and easily!
  • Add it to your social media profiles, add a signup form to your website, and even include the link directly in your pattern PDFs.

I hope this was helpful and that the information will assist you in building your list and attracting more potential customers who will love your patterns.

And if you haven't started an email list yet, I hope you will be motivated to create one! Try not to be intimidated - remember that the people who sign up for your list are the people who *want* to hear from you! Plus, both MailerLite and MailChimp have "forever free" plans for small lists, so you can try out a couple of different platforms before committing to a paid option.

Tech Editing Availability

I have the following tech editing spaces remaining for April:

April 2nd - 8th: full!
April 9th - 15th: 3 spaces remaining!
April 16th - 22nd: 5 spaces
April 23rd - 29th: 6 spaces

Reply to this email if you'd like to reserve a spot!

- Allison 

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