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November 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to the first edition of my monthly newsletter. The purpose of this newsletter is to feature one or two articles from the past which still generate interest.

I also include links to posts on other blogs which I have found interesting in the past month.

And I provide some insights into articles you can anticipate in the coming month.

Feel free to comment using the button at the end of this newsletter to tell me what you think of the content and to suggest any features you would like to see.

Featured Article
A Baby Boomer Looks at Today's Protests

A recent article on a friend's website caused me to reflect on how my generation was raised. What values were imparted to Baby Boomers that made us so much different from young people today? Did we really put careerism ahead of experience? Did that mindset make us less sensitive to issues around us?

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My Suggested Reads for this Month

I enjoy reading articles on other people's blog posts. I get inspiration from some of them. Others are simply posts that I have enjoyed reading.

I'm happy to share those with you.

10 Ways to Stay Focused Working From Home
The Perfect Night Routine
6 Ways to Stay Positive During Tough Times
Create a Morning Routine
Here are some of the articles I have planned for the coming month.
What's Coming in November?
  • The Ethics of Tipping
  • Why Should You Keep a Journal
  • Thankful for Things We Rarely Consider
  • What Will the Post-COVID World Look Like?
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About Mike

I have long been an observer of the world around me - the actions of people and their impacts on others. I also enjoy the study of history. So it's only natural that I would take an interest in writing about how history and people have impacted today's world.

I hope you enjoy my commentary. Feel free to comment on any post.

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