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Growth mindset in your organization with San, professional personal training and consultation to world renowned brands


BNOW, Bangkok’s Networking Community is hosting the lunch talk “Five ways to cultivate a growth mindset in your organization” on Thursday 4-Apr-19, lunch and networking 12pm to 2pm at The Paperoom Sukhumvit Soi 49. Our guest speaker is Suangsan Chotithamaporn (San) who has over 20 years’ experience in leadership roles. She spent 15 years as a regional trainer in the luxury and retail industry. This is where she coached executives and teams across Asia. With a love for development and training, she’s now self-employed and providing workshops, training programs and consultation to world renowned brands.

  • Tell us about your journey in this career

“When I become training manager I found what I truly love, i am in my element. So after couple years in the position, I feel that I need to have coaching skills, so I spent 2 years to get certified to become a coach. I left LV after 13 years working with them and start my own company in Thailand”.

  • How do you become an organization coaching?

“I belief in bringing the best out of a person, and with 20 years in leadership, I always feel very rewarding in seeing people change for better through coaching, so I decided to become an executive coach”.

  • What’s the most important element for a good leader?

“Most important part of being a leader is being a leader rather than a boss. Lead rather than rule”.

  • How can we develop our mindset?

“To develop our mindset, we need to have the awareness that we don’t have the right mindset, with awareness we can understand, and understand leads to change”.

  • What can we expect to hear from this event?

“In this event you will hear about how to help people have the awareness, so they can start to change for the better”.

  • Who’s the right people to join this lunch talk?

“People who want positive mindset and want to be a leader and not boss. Want to create a positive energy in their Organization”.

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