#4, 1-30 April, 2018


Political parties

Obieqtivi, Gamis Studia, April 22, Vazha Otarashvili, Alliance of Patriots: “They propagandize various kinds of sexual depravities, pederasty and lesbianism, further destructing the already destroyed nation. We should look into our souls and see that the Georgian nation is dying away… A term “Sabarast” has been introduced recently [referring to the Saba Literary Prize winners]. You see what kind of writer receives this prize. People with so called liberal or dirty values and thinking are promoted. They invite an entire herd of men and women with depraved sexual orientation to TV programs, do not they?

Kviris Palitra, April 9-15, Asaval-Dasavali, April 16-22, Zaza Papuashvili, Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia: “I did not cast vote for the Public Defender. This lady [Nino Lomjaria] offers to legalize same-sex marriage. Let those politicians be responsible for such persons and their statements who supported election of this Public Defender.”


Alia, April 2-15, Levan Javakhishvili, journalist: “I worry about you because these pederasts may sneak up behind you when you are praying and ... then you will regret about it.”

Georgia and the World, April 25, editorial board: “Scientists have long clarified which parts of the human brain control this or that function of organism, this or that instinct, need, etc. Thus, it comes as no surprise that it is possible to handle sexual or Sodomite desires through exerting influence on the brain.”

Obieqtivi, Gamis Studia, April 4, Bondo Mdzinarashvili, host: “Neither the Association Agreement nor any religion, including Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, Gregorian ideology obliges us to do what [Public Defender Nino] Lomjaria says that same-sex marriage should be legalized.”

Asaval-Dasavali, April 9-15, Giorgi Gigauri, journalist: “And finally, we should certainly note that Public Defender Lomjaria, to say nothing about gender quotas, already demands quotas for pederasts in politics… Everything is crystal clear – Lomjaria’s “priorities” include only “Natsebi” [referring to members of the opposition United National Movement] and “pedernatsebi” [a combined word for pederasts and UNM members], whom we pay huge wages from our pockets. Just this gay activist was imposed on us by the “government of our dream” [referring to the Georgian Dream government]! This Lomjaria and the government that brought her will release Vano Merabishvili from jail and legalize gay marriage, if people do not wake up from lethargy.”

Civil society organizations

Asaval-dasavali, April 23-29, Sandro Bregadze, Georgian March: “We will spare no efforts to ban propaganda of homosexuality and all kinds of depravity…”

Kavkasia, Barieri, April 10, Guram Palavandishvili, Society for the Protection of Children's Rights: “I do not hate [a gay], but I must hate bad actions, such as stealing, homosexuality, drug use, eating feces… Stealing is a less grave offence than homosexuality. Homosexuality is an insult, crime. It is the rule of dirty life; it is a shameful rule… when a man has a sex with a man and then goes to teach at school…”


Georgia and the World, April 20, Guram Gamtsemlidze, archpriest: “We are not the Orthodox Christians and that is the reason for everything. Otherwise, how should anybody dare to talk about legalization of depravity?! As for the Public Defender [Nino Lomjaria], I do not know who she is but the fact is that she is not healthy. Such people need spiritual treatment and for this to happen, they should go to church, fell to their knees and repent their sins.” 


Political parties

Marshalpress, Dimitri Khundadze, Georgian Dream: “The only demographic initiative that you [addressing the previous government] voiced was related to the project of Lazika, where you wanted to replenish Georgia’s reducing population with a great number of foreign nationals.” 

Alia, April 2-15, Jondi Bagaturia, Georgian Troupe: “It does not make me vomit when I look at the politicians orchestrated and financed from abroad, those who support them; you know that they are enemies; “descendants” of  Agha Mohammad Khan, Tamerlane, Osman Pasha; they have been instructed to wipe you off the face of the earth. Is everything clear with them???”
Social network

Asaval-Dasavali, April 2-8, Soso Shatberashvili, Left-Wing Alliance: “Yes, when you have hundreds of thousands of IDPs in the country and you boast to your European patrons that you accept thousands of Arab or African migrants, it is a complete disaster – moral, ethical and political! Yes, when our IDPs live in the gravest sanitary conditions and dream about a normal roof over their heads, our government is proud of providing shelter to thousands of aliens! I have not enough words to express my indignation. These aliens do not arrive here temporarily; they intend to settle down here! They are granted Georgian citizenship through simplified rules! I would like to ask Irakli Kobakhidze [Parliamentary Chairman], do you examine migrants for HIV/AIDS? Does anybody study their mental health? Are they tested for Hepatitis C?”


Obieqtivi, Gamis Studia, April 16, Nino Ratishvili, host: “I know Iranians, Turks, various foreign nationals, who bring their compatriots and help them settle down in Georgia. They prepare housing for them and these people arrive with their wives, children and so on. I do not mean that they will shoot a slingshot at us, but when we appear in the minority – personally I am already in the minority in my yard located in the center of the capital, Vazha-Pshavela Avenue. So, when the entire Georgian population appears in the minority, I will no longer be surprised at what is happening in quite a strong European country, Germany. We experienced a very good example quite recently… Of course, we are frightened. I want to be the host in my own country, like the French want to be hosts in France; like the Italians want to be hosts in Italy and if these Italians have this right, if these French have this right, why cannot I, a Georgian, have the same right?”

Alia, April 16-22, Levan Javakhishvili, journalist: “We see rampaging groups of Turks, Arabs, Chinese, black people, Iranians, Indians and all those people, who arrived accidentally and stayed here. If you do not yield to them, you are either a racist or a Nazi, or else you will be blamed for something like this. If children were not allowed to play on the stadium abroad, even in those countries, where migrants are doing whatever they want, locals would not keep silent about similar facts and would throw migrants out from the stadium. And if the latter dared to resist, they would beat them up badly…. They allow them [migrants] to do whatever they want and now if your child wants to play football in your own yard, you need to take permission from a Nigerian. Just this is dignified Georgia promised and built by Bidzina Ivanishvili.”

Georgia and the World, April 17, Davit Mkheidze, author: “Social-economic genocide of Georgians is underway through uncontrolled inflow of migrants to Georgia.” 

Kviris Palitra, April 2-8, Nino Burchuladze, journalist: “If we look through the latest European press, we will see that the golden billion faces a threat from the groups speaking absolutely different language, compared to whom Georgian petty thieves are not worth mentioning.”

Asaval-Dasavali, April 16-22, Jaba Khubua, journalist: “What are the interests of the Kremlin willing to weaken the Georgian state as much as possible – to ensure that Georgia is protected against “invasion” of illegal migrants and inflow of foreign agents or potential terrorists, or to have Georgia where arbitrariness reigns and where foreign agents with the status of migrants and potential terrorists can really feel free?”

Civil society organizations

Asaval-Dasavali, April 23-29, Sandro Bregadze, Georgian March: “We will adopt the law, which will prohibit Asian and African migrants to settle down in Georgia. They should receive Georgian visas with 30-day duration of stay… I do not care about what the liberasts hating Georgians will say about me. I do care about what Georgian people will say. My presidential campaign will have a slogan “Georgian for Georgia!””

Asaval-Dasavali, April 23-29, Nikoloz Mzhavanadze, Union of Human Rights Defenders: “SOCAR has bought political spectrum, experts, televisions! Soon, they will start appropriating the Georgian territory… The Azerbaijani population of the Kvemo Kartli region receives huge funding from SOCAR. What do you think, why do they invest money specifically in Kvemo Kartli, why do they open schools and hospitals there? I have some backstage information that they have serious influence on the political processes ongoing in Georgia. And you know how many Shadimans and Sergo Orjonikidzes live here. Certainly, the government will say ‘what can we do, we cannot stay hungry’. But what for do we need their gas if Georgians will be tortured and if tomorrow or the day after tomorrow they will demand Kvemo Kartli?!”

Georgia and the World, April 20, Ivane Buchukuri, International Movement “Committee - 2017”: “They say frequently that 20% of Georgian territories are occupied by the Russians, but is it normal when 80% of the country is occupied by the Turks, Arabs and Iranians, whereas the Georgians live like guests in their homeland?”


Asaval-Dasavali, April 9-15, Davit Isakadze, archpriest: “When an alien gradually grabs our lands and the inflow of migrants threatens the Georgian nation to appear in the minority, keeping silent is equal to giving consent to the extinction of the Georgian nation!”

Asaval-Dasavali, April 23-29, Giorgi Pavlov, cleric: “I had a vision – aliens are standing in a circle, and the voice is heard from heaven – while the government is caring about well-being of LGBT people, a caliphate has been established in Georgia! I think that this dream will come true.”


Asaval-Dasavali, April 30 – May 6, Guram Sagradze, athlete: “Woe is me! Several months ago, about 8 000 descendants of Shah Abbas held a celebration in front of you! The Qizilbash gathered to attend a concert at the Sport Palace. Previously they came with swords to invade us. Now they came silently. One could clearly see their number at the concert. Each family has no less than five children. Woe is me! Soon they will gain foothold in our sunny country! If you, a man grown up at Plekhanov [Givi Kartozia], walk along the Agmashenebeli Avenue and see the rampage of aliens, you will definitely decide to lead a public uprising!.. I am sure that if you had lived under Saakashvili’s rule, you would not have tolerated him. You would not have forgiven him tortures, resettlement of the Turks [to Georgia] and would have even beaten him if you had met him anywhere.”


Political parties

Obieqtivi, Gamis Studia, April 22, Vazha Otarashvili, Alliance of Patriots: “The worst thing is that the pictures of Demirel and David the Builder are hanging side by side at schools. It means that we allowed our school children to forget the love for Georgian soil… A new generation is coming for whom a Turk is no longer a historical enemy. They do not know the history of their own country [lists various bloody moments of Georgian history].”


Georgia and the World, April 25, Giorgi Gachechiladze, journalist: “Why does Turkey need Georgia’s integration into NATO? It needs it to further strengthen its own economic, political and religious expansion in Georgia.”    

Asaval-Dasavali, April 9-15, Lasha Nadareishvili, editor: “You [addressing PM Giorgi Kvirikashvili], who turned the Agmashenebeli Avenue into Istanbul Square, who destroyed the sanctities of the nation, who dances to the calls of imperialists, who sows foreign seeds in the Georgian soil and expels patriots from homeland, just think what your children and descendants will say about your evil deeds!


Georgia and the World, April 25, Alexander Chachia, political analyst: “I wrote that Russia’s exit from Georgia means Turkey’s entry into Georgia. By the way, the Turkish politicians are openly talking and writing about it, but the Georgian government still talks nonsense about NATO and the European Union. The epoch of Kemalism, when the Turkish nation was being established in Turkey and a common national state was being built, has come to an end. Today, the ruling Turkish elite equipped with Pan-Turkism ideas have set as a goal to restore Great Turan within the Ottoman Empire.” 


Obieqtivi, Gamis Studia, April 17, Nino Ratishvili, host: “I am against treating rudely those girls [participants of the story aired on the public TV about the girls wearing chadors in Adjara], who decided to convert to Islam and are wearing chadors, I support it, but I did not like when you are advertising it, as if they are good and all others are undeveloped and this is where revolution and freedom come from; three or four girls are so brave that they decided to do it, I did not like it… And it happens because it is Adjara and Georgia has no ruler and therefore, it is very easy to manipulate poor people. But when you are the state, why should you promote this idea?”

Georgia and the World, April 26, Nika Korinteli, journalist: “There are a lot of security problems in the places where Muslims have settled down. Molenbeek in the Brussels district, which is just a two-minute walk from the EU top agencies, is a clear example of it. The November 2015 terrorist acts in Paris were just organized by the people from this district populated by unemployed Muslims. They are so called homegrown terrorists who fell under the influence of propaganda unleashed by the terrorist organization Islamic State.”  


Political parties

Asaval-Dasavali, April 2-8, Megi Gotsiridze, National Movement: “Not only should Russian children be burned in fire, but a Russian should not be born at all; they should not reproduce; they should not grow up and turn into pigs.”

Anti-western sentiments

Political parties

Obieqtivi, Gamis Studia, April 4, Giorgi Lomia, Alliance of Patriots of Georgia: “When you swear at an Orthodox Christian in an Orthodox country, when you swear at the Patriarch and the Patriarchate, what Georgian interests do you defend? It is clear that you fulfill a certain task. We have elected a Public Defender and two months have not passed since then and Ms. Lomjaria [Georgian Public Defender] already claims that the issue of same-sex marriage should be raised in the Parliament and that we should make this decision because they are oppressed. Why do they come? What do they need in Georgia? These people do not think like we do and let them go to the country where they will find like-minded people; let them go and live there!” 


Sakinformi, April 2, Arno Khidirbegishvili, editor-in-chief: “The Georgian Orthodox Church is unacceptable for the West, because it is incompatible with western “democratic” values. The Orthodox Church condemns the sins that are perceived as the signs of democracy in the West:  sectarianism is described in the West as the protection of religious minority rights and identity; same-sex marriage, incest and homosexuality are deemed by the West as the protection of sexual minority rights; encouragement of drug use and gambling propaganda – freedom of an individual.”  

Georgia and the World, April 19, Omar Margvelashvili, author: “Enough time has passed since that signing [Association Agreement with the European Union], but the promised European benefits are not seen. The only thing that is quite obvious is a perspective of holding gay parades and same-sex marriage. Over 14 European countries have legalized same-sex marriage and the same will happen with us, who are dipped into “European values!” 

Asaval-Dasavali, April 2-8, Dito Chubinidze, journalist: “Instead of helping us, Europe tried to appease Turkey, calling on Georgia, which was crucified for its Orthodoxy, to recognize the superiority of the Pope sitting on the Chair of Saint Peter! Europe continues the same policy today and imposes the dirty ideas of “gender equality”, “tolerance” and “sexual tolerance” on Georgia, which abolished death penalty 800 years ago and whose great son, Shota Rustaveli said 800 years ago: “Lion cubs are equal, be they male or female.”


Georgia and the World, April 4, Giorgi Razmadze, cleric: “Unfortunately, for our country the independence means European traditions, involving homosexuality, lesbianism, legalization of transgender people and depravities. It seems that the depravity offered, imposed and legalized by the West is deemed by them [the government] as national. I think that it has nothing to do with independence; it is just slavery to Satan… ”  


Asaval-Dasavali, April 2-8, Levan Vasadze, businessman: “Let me address our confused government: “… if you do not have a relevant law, because the liberals did not allow you to adopt it, just adopt it immediately in order to strictly punish all those persons who insult religious sanctities! I cannot understand – do you think that tolerance is when depraved people freely move and insult our national and religious values? Is it your democracy and European path? Then, blame yourself for how you will finish your activities in Georgia!”



Asaval-Dasavali, April 16-22, Jaba Khubua, journalist: “Who threatens Georgian security? What is written in the scandalous report of the State Security Service? Black people with black souls - why do you, Georgian liberasts with black souls, hate your own nation and country so much?! ”

Alia, April 16-22, Levan Javakhishvili, journalist: “Police should search the Beliashvili Street, search everything there and if they fail to find Bazooka there, we should find at least one Bazooka for this Samuel Alavodi, push it into his ass and expel him from Georgia – deportation! The same should happen to those Nigerians, who were sitting in TV studios these days and voicing groundless accusations against Georgian people. These ungrateful Nigerians should be put on plane and sent to the Nigerian capital, Abuja.”

Civil society organizations

Asaval-Dasavali, April 30 – May 6, Giorgi Chelidze, Georgian Fascist Organization: “Previously, when a Georgian woman married a foreigner, she used to bring up her children in the country, where she got married. And what happens today – a Georgian woman, who reproduces Negroes and Iranians in Georgia, is a betrayer of her nation.”


Asaval-Dasavali, April 30 – May 6, Davit Isakadze, archpriest: “According to the Bible, the black race originates from Ham, one of the sons of Noah, for whom a black skin was a punishment for one concrete behavior.”


Netgazeti, Lasha Romanadze, citizen: “Leave this country nigga!.. Son of bitch and if you know Georgian “მოგიტყან შთამომავლობა და წინაპრები... თესლო ზანგო” [Georgian for “fuck your descendants and ancestors …. You, semen Negro]. 

Calls for violence

Political parties

Obieqtivi, Gamis Studia, April 19, Irma Inashvili, Alliance of Patriots of Georgia: “We have the Foreign Minister [Mikheil Janelidze], who not only should be sent home because of his statements, but should first be beaten severely and then sent home.” 


Asaval-Dasavali, April 9-15, Yuri Mechitov, photographer: “Let me say about the members of Georgian March that if they had planned anything, they should have pushed Gabunia out of the car and dragged him through the mud. This bastard – how can he cause any harm to Jesus?! I did not like when seven people came to beat him and then stepped back – they should have beaten him; at least, they would know why they were put in jail! What happened has poured water into Gabunia's watermill. He walks freely. Do not boast that even a leaf did not fall down during your rally – you should smash everything to pieces, demonstrate your force.”

Gender stereotypes


Georgia and the World, April 19, Alia, April 2-15, Zaza Siamashvili, former lecturer of the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA): “Why do these ugly, so called women talk about sexual harassment? Is it a new form of expressing envy or is it the reason of their hopeless lives? I would rather expel you from this country, to say nothing about harassment! I am looking at them for already several days and I could not find even one woman who can be “harassed”…. Even a mammal from the Zoo will not touch your breast… you do not have any! I apologize to my students because I could not avoid rudeness!” 

Marshalpress, April 18, Ramaz Sakvarelidze, psychologist: “We should teach women how to avoid being provokers of violence… This factor does exist, when due to the changing disposition and mood, a woman may provoke violence. The studies prove that a victim frequently provokes violence. This is not a didactical issue that a person who uses violence is always bad and a victim is always right. The issue should be studied and addressed comprehensively. Everybody should know how to behave in this or that difficult situation.” Channel One, Aktualuri Tema with Maka Tsintsadze 

Discrimination on religious grounds


Rezonansi, April 25, Marshalpress, April 26, Rezo Mishveladze, writer: “As for the current state of Orthodoxy in modern Georgia, to say nothing about how various religious sects have recently gained foothold in the country, a direct attack is being carried out not only against our Orthodox faith, but even the Georgian Catholicos-Patriarch is under attack from various people with doubtful religious faith, who have penetrated into Georgian church for various purposes. Therefore, the law on protecting religious feelings should be tightened. It will not be right to answer various insults with new insults.” 

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