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In September we announced the launch of MarineSAFE, a brand new online learning platform for the seafood sector!

Since then we've had a great response from vessel owners, operators, skippers, crew and other sectors such as Aquaculture NZ.

A Quick Recap

The NZ Federation of Commercial Fishermen was successful in sourcing funding from ACC to develop 8 MarineSAFE online video-based realistic training modules that will focus on the risks associated with the commercial fishing industry and provide them on an accessible Learning Management System platform to overcome some of the challenges of land-based training.

The first 8 resources are the maiden voyage for MarineSAFE and there will be many more voyages to come.

The resources developed will be available on mobile devices, simple to access and use, and will support fishing vessels current induction, training, and compliance requirements.

You can use these as evidence of crew training for your MOSS audits.

The training will be focused on improving health and safety outcomes and reducing injury rates for the commercial fishing sector.

Don't forget, the first 8 resources are free for industry!
Here are YOUR first 8 MarineSAFE topics
Vessel Induction

There is a lot to learn on your first trip on a vessel.  This course aims to provide new crew with induction information on the terminology, hazards, risk management processes and emergency equipment on board and how to keep yourself safe until fully competent.

MarineSAFE recommend that experienced crew also complete this module as a refresher for MOSS compliance.

Life Saving Appliances & Personal Protective Equipment

Life Saving Appliances (LSA) and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are critical for when Sh!t happens. This course will help you to identify the types of LSA and PPE onboard and how it should be used and maintained to ensure it is ready when you need it the most.

MarineSAFE recommend that all crew complete this module for MOSS compliance.

Manual Handling

Fishing requires many manual jobs and is the leading cause of harm for ACC claims in this industry.

This course covers ways to reduce your risk of a manual handling injury by learning how your body works and the techniques you can use when undertaking manual handling tasks onboard a commercial fishing vessel.

MarineSAFE recommend that all crew complete this module for MOSS compliance.

Knife Safety

Knife Safety is extremely important onboard a commercial fishing vessel.  Knives are used extensively and its important you understand how to use your knife safely for all tasks in this challenging environment.

The course covers the various tasks, types of knives used, how to handle, clean, and store your knife properly onboard.

MarineSAFE recommend that all crew complete this module for MOSS compliance.

Fishing Operations

Gain a broad understanding of the fishing industry and the hazards involved with the 3 main types of fishing methods in New Zealand - Trawling, Long lining and Potting.

The course will cover the tasks, equipment and hazards associated with each method, and the innovation and environmental protection strategies that have been developed by the New Zealand Fishing Industry.

MarineSAFE recommend that all crew complete this module for MOSS compliance.

Wharf Safety

Hazards are not just at sea, but also exist during land-based activities. Wharfs are often challenging places to work as you will be working with other parties and around moving machinery.

This course will help you to understand the hazards and mitigation controls associated with getting on and off a vessel, and the general wharf loading/unloading safe work practices.

MarineSAFE recommend that all crew complete this module for MOSS compliance.

Risk Management

Managing risk on board a vessel has its own challenges and your ability to manage risk in response to a changing environment is key to ensuring you and crew stay safe.

This course covers the legislative requirements and responsibilities for managing risk onboard. We look at the types of hazards that can cause harm and how you can identify, assess and manage these.

MarineSAFE recommend that all crew complete this module for MOSS compliance.

Machine Safety

Vessels have multiple high-risk machines onboard. People are cut, bruised, crushed or even killed in accidents involving machinery onboard a vessel.  It is a requirement that all crew working with or around machinery must be trained and aware of the risks and safety controls.  

This course provides an overview of the key hazards and the machine safety controls used to keep yourself and others safe.

MarineSAFE recommend that all crew complete this module for MOSS compliance.

And that's a wrap everybody!
We've just completed filming!

A massive thank you to Maritime New Zealand and their Southern Compliance Manager, Domonic Venz, for being involved in this initiative. 

It's great to have the input and support from our Maritime Regulator on these resources.

We would also like to thank the following companies/individuals for supporting this initiative in various ways such as allowing us to film on their sites or vessels, use their skippers and crew, use their footage, assist us in obtaining footage, getting the word out there, and donating resources:

  • Dawson & Associates (Maritime Law Specialists)
  • Maadhouse Limited
  • Moana
  • Pegasus Fishing Limited
  • Reader Fishing Limited
  • Richardson Fishing Company Limited
  • Seafood New Zealand
  • Talley's Group Limited
  • Wild Fish (NZ) Limited
  • Zak Olsen (FV Tarpeena)
ETA for first module

Unfortunately due to adverse weather we were unable to complete filming as scheduled and therefore...

    The first MarineSAFE module will now go live on the 13th of November 2020!
    A BIG shout-out to Splashzone Marine Limited

    Richard Kibblewhite from Splashzone Marine Limited and his crew are keen to be involved in this initiative and will be piloting some of the MarineSAFE modules and providing us with feedback - thank you Richard and crew!

    We are committed to involving the commercial fishing industry in the development of these modules to ensure we are creating the very best training resources because remember...

    These are resources created by Industry for Industry!
    Let’s ‘catch’ up

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