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How To Meet Your Alpha News!

Did you know that two of the books in the Meet Your Alpha series recently received new covers? Since it's been a year since both were released with the BAD Alpha Dads project, we decided it was time for a makeover. Both C.E. Black and I were excited to have them redone to match the concept. And our designer, CT Cover Creations, did an exceptional job! 

So, welcome the new covers for Burn For You and Makeshift Mate! 

Can she reignite the fire in his soul?

Keaton Lafay's life is in ashes. Not only has he lost his wife, but his daughter is about to be expelled from school. Worse, his clanmates say he needs a new mate and signed him up for a single shifters cruise. But he never expected to find his daughter's very sexy—and very human—guidance counselor aboard the same ship. One glance, and Wren Michaels sets his dragon aflame. Problem is, Keaton doesn't want a new mate. Love hurts way too much to go through all that again. 

As a counselor to a school full of preteen shifters, Wren Michaels is convinced she's seen it all. But when Jinx Lafay loses control and turns into a fire-breathing dragon, she soon realizes she doesn't know anything. Including how easy it is to fall for Jinx's growly father, a man so broken he's erected an icy wall around his heart. But there's something between them—a heat she hopes can melt his defenses. This is forever…she just needs to make him see that as well.


Will this mating of convenience turn into so much more?

Locke Winfield needs a woman. No, not just a woman... He needs a mate. And fast. Which is why he joined the online dating site, Meet Your Alpha. There are thousands of women out there. Surely he can find one willing to take on a workaholic Alpha Wolf and his moody preteen daughter. But he never expected his match to be the confident and sexy CEO, Isa Vitale. This single dad might have bitten off more than he can chew. But he's willing to give her a taste.

Finding a companion who will understand Isa's commitment to her job is hard. Harder is saying no to Locke, a hunky Alpha with a proposition she can't refuse. Three weeks of playing house with a clueless single dad and his sweet little girl, then she can move on. But in the process of saving her company, she might lose something more valuable... Her heart.


And if you haven't had the chance, don't forget to download How To Meet Your Alpha, Book One of the series, which is always FREE on all vendors. 


The dating world has become a war zone. Especially for the paranormal.

Kate is so sick of being single—no, scratch that—she's sick of dating. Hell is meeting married men on the prowl, men terrified of her shifter side, men who don't like tacos, for crying out loud. There has to be a better way for people like her to meet other singles. All Kate wants is someone who will accept all of her quirks, including her tiny obsession with Mexican food. Is that too much to ask? 

Dating for Bram has become a cliché. If he has to suffer through one more night with a fang-chaser, he might just stake himself. It's all become rather...boring. Maybe the time has come to throw in the towel and renounce himself to an eternity of loneliness. Until a pissed-off redhead smelling of tacos slides into the seat next to him at a bar. And is that shrimp in her hair? Suddenly, Bram isn't so bored anymore. 

One chance meeting changes everything, and now, Bram and Kate's Happily Ever After might be in sight. If only they can rid themselves of one pesky wannabe witch who's set her sights on Bram and refuses to take no for an answer...

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"Oh this is going to be such a fun series, I can't wait!" —Amazon Reviewer

"I have not laughed so hard or nodded my head in agreement with character’s dialogues this much in such a long time." —Amazon Reviewer

"What a great start to a new series." —Amazon Reviewer

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