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Dear Friends,

Chris & Lisa Cree at Stirling Castle

Welcome to March! Spring is coming early to our part of Scotland. We have many flowers blooming already, which is a bit earlier than we saw last year.

As expected, our February turned out to be very busy. We have quite a bit to share so let’s dive in and update you on what all is going on with NewCREEations!

Cecil and Lisa Paxton

Cecil Paxton ministering at Charis Dumfries

As we mentioned in our previous email, we were blessed to host Cecil and Lisa Paxton at the Bible College the last weekend in January. It was a tremendously successful event for us by every measure.

We prayerfully setup our room with 80 chairs for attendees and God brought us a capacity crowd of 83 total, including our staff and students.

Cecil ministered on healing and he shared how we can receive directly from Jesus and the Holy Spirit. He also shared about our identity in Christ and very graciously encouraged attendees to enroll at the Bible college. As a result, ten of the guests asked for application packs to take with them!

Paxtons and Crees

Then when it came time for prayer ministry, he brought up our second year students and had them pray for those in need. Our students have gone through prayer ministry training. However, this was the first time they had an opportunity to pray for people in situations beyond the classroom. They received good hands-on ministry time with Cecil there to encourage and help train them.

So you can imagine how excited they were to see God performing miracles through them! It was a huge boost to their confidence in God, that He would produce the same king of results through them as He does through a more experienced minister like Cecil. It was great additional equipping for their upcoming mission trips.

On Sunday the Paxtons ministered in Glen Aros church here in Dumfries. It was the first time I heard Lisa Paxton’s testimony and the many things God has brought her through. It was incredibly powerful and many in the church were impacted as well.

Charis Jacksonville, Florida

Charis Jacksonville, FL team

The next big thing in our month was hosting an inbound mission team from the Charis Bible College location in Jacksonville, Florida. We had a full and busy week with the team.

We had a few hours of orientation on the first full day the team was with us. I had to duck out for a bit to go and pick up one of their team members who flew in a day late. She mistakenly grabbed her expired passport instead of her current one and had to fly out a day later as a result. But God took that mistake and turned it into something wonderful! She called and spoke to her 86 year old father that evening when she was still in Florida and ended up leading him to the Lord! She would not have been talking to him and he would not have been born again if she had been in Scotland that first night!

Danon Winter in Charis Dumfries

That evening we hosted an event for the public with some testimonies from the team and Danon Winter as the guest speaker. Danon is the director of the school in Jacksonville. The people who attended the event were very impacted. One lady told one of our staff members that, “everyone needs to hear that message!” as she was leaving after the event.

The next day the team did a prayer walk on our local campus and came back with some prophetic words for our school, the town, and all of Scotland. Some of the students were able to share on a local radio station about what it looks like for them when they hear God speaking to them. The team also ministered to our students on Saturday.

Sunday they were in Glen Aros church here in Dumfries in the morning. Then in the evening they ministered at a small group meeting out in Moffat. The last day of their trip we took them up to Stirling Castle for a little bit of Scottish history and fun.

Chris and Lisa with Danon Winter

Danon Winter

I told the team that their unity was powerful. At the same time they were others focused. They mingled with all of our students, and amongst all the guests at the public events. They were powerful ministers who were a big encouragement to our own students and set the bar high for them.

That they were such a strong team is a testimony to the leadership at their school. That no surprise to me because I first encountered Danon Winter nine years ago in 2010. Jacksonville was the closest Charis location to where we lived at that time in Savannah, GA. I had a long conversation with Danon on the phone about the Bible college and potential options. We drove down to Jacksonville and Danon ministered to us a few times before we moved out to Colorado to attend Bible College.

He sowed seeds into our lives way back then. So it was extra special to be able to share with him what God is doing through us and through NewCREEations in Scotland. He gets a piece of the credit for everything that happens through our ministry because of those seeds he sowed into our lives over the years.

Danon also pastors Momentum Church in Jacksonville. You can learn more about his ministry here.

Looking Forward

Charis Dumfries Christmas celebration

As I mentioned in our last newsletter, we are entering into our busy time of year. We are gearing up for our own outbound student mission trip to the Highlands. That trip begins in less than two weeks. Our second mission team leaves for Finland in April

To share a praise report, since our last newsletter God provided all the funds needed to cover Lisa and I for both of these trips. You’ll remember that we shared that Lisa and I committed to donating the costs to the Bible college of both of our spots on both mission trips we are leading this year with the students. That way we are leading by example because the students are responsible for raising the funds for the cost of their own trips.

Thank you for the ministry partners who donated towards that, and to all who continue to support what God is doing in Scotland through NewCREEations.

I am also making progress towards publishing the Rejecting Mammon book I mentioned to you in our last newsletter. You see an example of some preliminary cover artwork our design team has put together for the book cover. I have sent the manuscript to some of my mentors so they can look through it. My hope is to have that ready for publication by the end of this month. Please pray that I will be able to find time in amongst my other responsibilities to be able to move that project forward. I would love to be able to announce the book is available in our next newsletter!

After we return from the Highlands, we will host Wendell Parr as a guest speaker in the college. Then we are off to Finland with another mission trip. When we return from that trip we will host Dominic Burns at the college. He is the director of Andrew Wommack Ministries here in the UK. Next we have our local graduation ceremony. The following week we are down in England for Andrew Wommack’s big Grace and Faith conference. The week after that Andrew will be holding a two-day conference here in Dumfries. It is his first time speaking in Scotland in twelve years! Less than two weeks after Andrew’s meeting here Lisa and I fly to America for several weeks of meetings and whatnot.

Did I mention we are heading into our busy time of year? LOL!

All that to say, God is faithful and has plenty of work for us to do! We are so blessed to be a part of what God is doing here in Scotland.

As always, we very much appreciate your prayers and support as we could not accomplish it all without you! Thank you for being part of our team.

Abundant Blessings,


Chris & Lisa Cree

P.S. If you have a heart for Scotland and the works God is doing in this beautiful country, or if you would like to help offset the costs of getting the book to print, please consider donating or partnering with NewCREEations via the link below. We believe this ministry is very fertile ground which can produce an abundant harvest for your seed.


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