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May 31, 2021 - Issue #109

Project News

Coming in June - Tutela-Avenue Single Sign-in
The Tutela-Avenue single login will soon be available to the Avenue community. Using this new function, teachers will be able to access the Tutela site without the need to sign in a second time. Later this year, Avenue teachers will be able to go to Tutela, select resources, return to Avenue and seamlessly add their selections to their courseware.

TESL Basics for Language Volunteers Online Course
At New Language Solutions we recognize volunteers can be an important part of settlement language training. TESL Basics for Language Volunteers (TBLV) is an online course funded by IRCC. TBLV was developed to offer basic TESL training and orientation for volunteers working with newcomers in conversation circles and other informal language training, or for volunteers working as teacher’s aides in formal language training programs, such as LINC. ...

Upcoming Webinars - June 2021

  • New PBLA Module for CLB 7/8 - Participating in Workplace Meetings (June 3)
  • Saint John Y Teacher Showcase (June 7)
  • Image Editing for Avenue (June 11)
  • TESL Basics for Language Volunteers (June 18)
  • Features of Google Classroom - A Cross-Platform Comparison of Avenue and Google Classroom (June 24)

** More info and links to the registration forms are available in the Upcoming Webinars widget on the LearnIT2teach portal.**

Web News

From Silos to Solutions: Toward Sustainable and Equitable Hybrid Service Delivery in the Immigrant & Refugee-Serving Sector in Canada
...The final report of the Settlement Sector and Technology Task Group presents findings and insights generated through a comprehensive exploration of hybrid service delivery over 6 months in the immigrant settlement sector in Canada. ... The six main recommendations of the report are as follows: ...

Pandemic-To-Permanent: 11 Lasting Changes To Higher Education
Some say higher education will largely return to pre-pandemic normal in the coming academic year or two. Others predict a mass extinction of colleges and universities. Both are extreme ends (and highly unlikely scenarios) of the spectrum of what might happen to higher education. Somewhere in between those extremes, though, are eleven clear and lasting changes to higher education as a result of the pandemic: ....

The tech promising to bring lectures alive
For Jennifer Kasiama, a student at Toronto's Ontario College of Art and Design, 2020 was an incredibly frustrating year. Like so many others, her course become all-virtual when the pandemic took hold. "I spent so much time on my laptop, I definitely got Zoom fatigue," says Ms Kasiama, 20. .... The lurch into virtual learning has been jarring for both students and educators. ... So what does the future hold? It seems likely that for many colleges there will be a hybrid format of online and in-classroom learning. ...

3 Tech Trends Shaping the Future of Post-Pandemic Teaching and Learning
... The latest Educause Horizon Report has identified the trends, technologies and practices shaping teaching and learning in the wake of COVID-19. ...  Increased use of learning technologies. ... Widespread adoption of hybrid learning models. ... Online faculty development. ...... . ...

I was a Syrian refugee, trapped in an airport. Now, Canada is my home – and this is what that means to me
Hassan Al Kontar is a former Syrian refugee who spent seven months stranded in Kuala Lumpur International Airport. His memoir, Man at the Airport, is being published this month. ...


73 Percent of Students Prefer Some Courses Be Fully Online Post-Pandemic
 In a recent survey, nearly three-quarters of students — 73 percent — said they would prefer to take some of their courses fully online post-pandemic. However, only half of faculty (53 percent) felt the same about teaching online. ... Sixty-eight percent of students were also in favor of some combination of in-person and online courses....

Lifelike Speech Synthesis: How To Do Voiceovers That Engage Learners
How do you create voice overs that immerse and inspire your online learners? Discover tips to use lifelike speech synthesis software to increase learning engagement and comprehension. ... First up is the selection of the perfect avatar for your recording.

How Long Should My Online Lessons Be?
If you’re planning your first online lessons, one of the first decisions you will have to make is how long your lessons should be. Some educators are easily able to find a comfortable pace that fits their own teaching style, and that pace may be faster or slower depending on their content. But others are torn between the quick, punchy length of YouTube videos and the hour-long lecture format typical of college courses. Which is better?. ...

Developing Standalone Original eLearning Resources: Why Do it?
There is an abundance of e-resources available. This article shares why the decision was made to develop original e-resources and development tips when doing so. ...

Professional Development

New Resource in the LearnIT2teach Annotated Bibliography: Augmented and Virtual Reality in the Language Classroom: Practical Ideas
This article discusses the potential and challenges of using Augmented and Virtual Reality to support language teaching and learning, and provides examples of practical and relatively simple activities using Augmented and Virtual reality in the language classroom.

Onboarding LINC Learners Remotely
This e-learning provides information and tips for LINC instructors and frontline workers offering services remotely. You’ll learn about Internet communications, digital access and equity considerations, different ways to set up virtual classrooms, how to set and maintain boundaries and where to find videos, guides and tools to upskill for remote service delivery.  ...

WebSafe: Tools for newcomers to counter digital disinformation
WebSafe is a set of learning resources, organized by units and modules into a comprehensive course which aims to address the knowledge and skills gaps faced by some newcomers to Canada in dealing with digital disinformation. ... All of the resources which make up the WebSafe course are open-educational resources, freely available to use and adapt to any educational context in Canada. They can be accessed by teachers and learners, with no registration, at the NorQuest College website. ...

Using Word Clouds to Bridge the Comprehension Gap with Authentic Video
In this session [live on June 1], we [Nik Peachey] will look at the benefits of using authentic video in the language classroom and how AI-powered Skimthru can be used to create a range of engaging activities that help students understand authentic video and engage with the content. We will also look at some useful resources for finding student-appropriate video content and explore the criteria that can help you select the right videos for your students.


eLearning Developer
Achev is looking for an eLearning Developer for the Curriculum Development for SLT Project. Reporting to the Project Manager, the eLearning Developer will be responsible for advising the writing team on formats/templates, programming the courseware, ensuring integration of media assets (audio, video, images), and testing the content in the Onyx [Moodle] LMS.

Online English Teacher
Looking for an opportunity to teach English online at your comfortable home and help others to succeed? You are welcome to become a professional English teacher at Talkilla Education if you meet below requirements: ....

e-Resource Corner

The aim of this project is to provide newcomers to Canada with knowledge about digital disinformation and to empower them to support family, friends, and community members in dealing with online scams, threats and misinformation. ... The material can be accessed and used through the links below by instructors and learners, with no registration required. ...

Vaccine Lesson Plan - Language Training Resource
The Manitoba Association of Newcomer Serving Organizations has shared Vaccine Lesson Plans for Literacy to CLB 2, CLB 3-4 , and CLB 5-6 for adult, newcomer learners. Written by Diana Ishigaki and Theresa Wall, these lesson plans address some myths associated with COVID-19 and vaccines, and they provide a variety of useful resources and links.


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