'It's the end of the world as we know it...'

James and the New World Order

Written by Brandon Bitros
Lettered by Keith Braun
Issues 1 - 3 Illustrated by Fernando Jimenez
Issue 4 Illustrated by Juan Manuel Hernandez

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'... and I feel fine.'

Brandon Bitros' James and the New World Order is an end-of-the-world roller coaster ride that doesn't let you off.

Issue 1 has a concerned brother visiting his adopted sister at a psychiatric hospital. She's suffering delusions of persecution which turn out to be prophetic of the way the world is about to turn.

Issue 2 takes us to a James Contrell, a muscle-bound young man who lives in a small town called Charity. While going about his day we learn that the world has been permanently changed over the last 50 years from a nuclear exchange wiping out most of the population. Whoever is left is there to try and put back the pieces. James goes to his construction job, later meets up with his girlfriend who then breaks up with him.

Issue 3 We see more of the 'persecuted sister' who has escaped the institution with a biker gang. James tries to get lucky with the house owner of his last construction job but much to his dismay sees it's not to his liking (seriously, I had the biggest laugh when I found out why!). He drowns his sorrows in a bar, where his drinking buddy Gravy warns him of a coming secret society that will take over. James has a bad dream that night, and wakes up to see that Gravy's prediction turns out to be true!


Issue 4 Has James, Gravy and his girlfriend square off against this well armed society called The Trust.


Sticking to it...

The artwork started out a bit crude at times, confusing camera angles, stiff poses, clunky composition with the word balloons. As the issues progressed and the artist kept at it by issue three there was a vast improvement in style and look. He's got a different artist for Issue 4, but the quality is still getting better and better.

Throughout all the issues the writing was well thought out and paced. I noticed a date on the first issue as 2015, so Brandon's been at this story for 6 years! He's to be commended for sticking to it so long.

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