"I got no strings..."

Grimm Space

Written by Frank Martin
Art by Ramiro Borrallo

Hands down, Frank Martin is really holding his own on Kickstarter. With many, many projects successfully funded and fulfilled he's really making a name for himself on the platform. This project (and not his latest, he has another one, Sex Night in the works) that landed in my mailbox chronicles the adventures of a space robot patterned after Pinocchio.

His name "P1-nocchio" was given to him by his creator "Petto" (after Gipetto obviously) and the two of them find themselves traveling in a space ship through the cosmos.

Starting this tale is a fish-woman who is offering to buy from Petto some of his wares (he's a tinkerer in space junk). Not finding something she likes she leaves. P1-nocchio sneaks onto her ship thinking she can turn him into a boy. P1 is accompanied by another transferred character "J1-mini" (Jiminy Cricket) helps him out. There's also parts of which where they get trapped in a 'space whale' of sorts, harkening back to that Star Wars movie.

This was a lively and fun read.

After going through several of his projects I can say Frank Martin is finding his voice, and it's marked with a refreshing level of brevity and specificity. He builds a situation, introduces characters, and they reveal a story by their actions. You never feel bogged down in detail, and the situation unspools at a natural pace. This was also a very short read, speaking of brevity. Some people who might favor a lot of easter eggs or sly references to either the Disney version or the traditional version of Pinocchio might feel something wanting. For instance, you don't get to the 'Pleasure Island' aspect of it where he gets turned into a donkey. Certainly, if Frank wished to he could've developed this quick read into a longer version.

Where to get this...

You may inquire with Frank on his Kickstarter page for Grimm Space HERE to contact him about further information on this comic.

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