Vol. 9, September 2020
Summer Study Abroad Programs

You've heard us talk about our six semester-long programs (HUF, HULA, HUE, HUG, HIZ & HUA), but did you know that we have seven more study abroad programs? We call these additional seven Department-Specific Programs because most of them are designed by departments on campus for specific majors. These programs only take place during the summer and their durations vary. While some of these programs are limited to specific majors, some allow any major to join. Learn more about each one below!

Art and Design International (ADI)

ADI is a program led by the Department of Art and Design that takes students to countries all over Europe for four and a half weeks after spending two weeks in class in Searcy. Students will study art and culture in Italy, Spain, Morocco, France and England. 

2021 Brochure | 2021 Cost Sheet

Bison Athletes in Training (BAT)

BAT is a four-week program that travels to Greece, Italy and Germany. This program was built with student-athletes in mind to provide them with a study abroad program that will not interfere with their athletic team schedule.

2021 Brochure | 2021 Cost Sheet

College of Business in London (COBA)

Business students can travel to London on a four-week trip with the College of Business to meet with a number of different international businesses and tour historical sites.  

: 2021 Brochure | 2021 Cost Sheet

College of Education in Scotland (COE-HUS)

Education majors can take classes that go towards their education degree while traveling through the United Kingdom for five weeks. 

Information: 2021 Cost Sheet | 2021 Course Offerings

Mostly Music

Students of all majors are welcome to travel to Rome, Florence, Venice, Vienna, Paris and London on a seven-week trip, learning about music, history and culture and how they all relate to each other.

Information: 2022 Brochure | 2022 Course Offerings | 2022 Cost Sheet

Summer Undergraduate Research in Florence (SURF)

SURF is a six-week biochemistry program where students spend two weeks in class in Searcy, followed by four weeks working in a research lab in Florence, Italy. 

Information: 2021 Course Offerings | 2021 Cost Sheet

Scholars Abroad

Designed for students between their senior year of high school and freshman year of college, Scholars Abroad is a two-week program to Greece with a short side trip to Rome where students study the Mediterranean World. 

Application for Scholars Abroad 2021 

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Take a Virtual Tour of Florence, Italy with HUF Director

For the past month, HUF director Robbie Shackelford has been recording video tours of Florence to share Italy with prospective students and alumni alike. Below are the links to each video on his Instagram page. Stay tuned for more videos to follow!

Part 1 – Piazza della Republica, Florence
Part 2 – Piazza del Giglio
Part 3 – Piazza della Signoria
Part 4 – Palazzo Strozzi
Part 5 – The Florence Religious Center
Part 6 – The Gates of Paradise
Part 7 – Brunelleschi's Dome
Part 8 – Stories with Cindy and Riccardo

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