Mental Health and Travel

June is about to end. For us at NomadMania it was mostly about Mental Health which is a crucial topic for many travellers nowadays. 

During this month we published four memoirs written by our active members about some issues which many of us struggle with. 

PURPOSE. A Garage-Wall Map to an Odyssey Around the World by Cameron Mofid.

HEALINGHealing Through Travel after the loss of the life’s partner by Barry Hoffner. 

PERSPECTIVEChasing Dreams and Defying Limits: 117 Countries with a Wheelchair by Renee Bruns.

HOMEWhat is HOME for someone as a traveller and as a human by Jacquelyn Kunz.

Choose what resonates to you and remember that you are not alone on this beaten path which is named "life and travel".

We will revisit this issue soon by publishing highlights from your own comments in the mental health poll.

Relaunching Our Patreon

Last week we gave new life to our Patreon initiativeOur renewed Patreon introduces new tiers that offer unique benefits, allowing you to engage with NomadMania at various levels.

Your support fuels NomadMania's ambitious projects, and Patreon provides an effective platform for this partnership. In each case, your backing, big or small, is crucial to help us shape the vibrant future of NomadMania. 

Learn more about these opportunities and welcome to join our Patreon.

Interviews With our Patrons

In order to get an idea about what kind of people are part of our friendly Patreon family, read two interviews with Mikael Staffas and Barry Hoffner. Both of these accomplished travellers have incredible stories to tell!

Mikael Staffas 🇸🇪 Exploring Cultures, History and  NomadMania Regions.

Q: How did you become in love with travel?

A: I have always liked to see new things and I early on began to collect travel “items” on a low scale like regions in Sweden, Norway and Finland as well as towns and cities in Sweden. When I was 18 years old I looked at a world map that I think at that time had 173 countries. I had been to 10 countries at that time and figured that if I would visit four new countries every year I could get to visit all countries.

Read the full interview with Mikael here.


Barry Hoffner 🇺🇸 How a Flip-of-the-Coin Trip Changed the Life

Q: Where do you come from and how did you start travelling in the first place?

A: I grew up with a very middle-class Southern California background despite me having some Middle Eastern culture in my bloodlines, as my mom was born in Baghdad and moved to the US when she was very young. I took a “flip-of-the-coin” backpacking trip to Europe when I was eighteen and that changed my life. As Steve Jobs said in his famous commencement speech at Stanford, “You can only connect the dots afterwards”.

Read the full interview with Barry here.

Upcoming Tours (Autumn 2023)

Over 40 people have already applied for our Ukraine Tour and Awards. We can only take a limited number to Kharkiv (not more than 20) and Kyiv so please register now if you'd like to be considered for these.

Tours to Libya and Armenia still have a few available spots.  

See more details and apply to join following the links above. 

New Verified Members (UN/NM)

Do you remember that we check our users in regard to the validity of provided travel information on their accounts? This VERIFICATION is done as NomadMania aims to be the most credible and reliable travel site online.


So, June was very fruitful in terms of new verified members: 

UN Countries: Romaine Welds 🇯🇲 193, Anna-Katri Raiha 🇫🇮 193, Andreas Rich 🇩🇪 193, Lidia Diedrich 🇧🇷 187, Rafael Diedrich 🇧🇷 187.

NomadMania Regions: Bram de Bruin 🇳🇱 632, Petr Avramenko 🇷🇺 727.


If you want to be verified, please, read this and apply accordingly.

Happy travels :-)


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