USA Masters Field Hockey

Transition Team


Alternate selection registration for the USA Masters Field Hockey Men’s and Women’s Outdoor Squads from which the 2023 Pan Am Teams will be selected (not the 2024 Outdoor World Cup) will be open from March 13th to April 3rd.

Your participation supports the USA Masters priorities to grow the Masters community domestically and to field strong, competitive World Cup teams playing internationally. 

If you are unable to attend an in-person tryout, you can still be selected to the 2023 Squads. To be considered for selection, complete these two steps by April 3, 2023:

1. Register HERE between March 13th and April 3rd. The cost is $100 and you need a USA Field Hockey membership that is valid through April 3, 2023.

2. Email your submission to by April 3, 2023 at 11:59 pm ET / 8:59 pm PT including:

  • Field hockey resume. Your resume should include your past and current level of play, as well as your current level of fitness and exercise routine. 
  • Recommendation(s). Should include the last time that person saw you play and where. He/she should provide comments on your fitness level, skills, and tactical knowledge. The recommendations must be sent directly to
  • A link to a video showcasing your current skills and fitness, 5-8 minutes maximum in length. Your video must begin with you introducing yourself to the selectors. Suggestions include: (field players): the Futures Test found here; a 1-minute yard-stick pull test; skills demos (dribbling, receiving, passing and hitting; any specialty skills like penalty corner insert, stick stop, or hit/drag, strokes, shootouts, etc.); clips of game play if available. (goalkeepers): the Futures Test for Goalkeepers found here; demonstration of various saving techniques (foot, leg, stick, glove). clips of game play if available. Make sure to send the link to the video rather than emailing a video file.

    **NOTE: Video/recommendations for Masters players who participated in a 2022 Masters World Cup (Nottingham, Cape Town or Tokyo) are optional as feedback from their team coach will be taken into consideration for the Squad selection. A hockey resume is still needed. 


By following the guidance above to best represent your field hockey skills and your level of fitness, you will be providing the selectors with quality information to inform their decision.

NOTE: The selectors evaluating your submission will be the same as those attending the tryout, to ensure consistency in the process.


Additional information about selections

  • After the conclusion of try-outs in all locations (FL, AZ, PA) and the review of alternate selection applications, squad selections will be announced, likely in May.
  • Squads will be selected by age group. There are no limitations to the size of a squad. The concept behind Squads is to create groups that can practice and compete domestically together to strengthen individual skills and team performance, which can further inform the selection of specific Teams for domestic or international competitions.
  • Teams will be named from the Squads this summer for December 6-17, 2023 Pan Am Continental Cup in Buenos Aires, Argentina based upon the available age group brackets in the tournament, available players, and consideration for competitive team composition.


Special Announcement for Masters Women - Beach Bash April 29-30

The USA Masters women have 3 teams entered into the Beach Bash tournament on April 29-30 at DE Turf Sports Complex in Frederica, DE. If you are interested in being selected to play on one of these teams, please CLICK HERE to complete this survey as soon as possible so we can determine teams for the Beach Bash. 

Maria Keesling

USA Masters Field Hockey

Transition Team Coordinator